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Instagram Tips for Social Media Marketing

Instagram Tips for Social Media Marketing

Instagram Tips for Social Media Marketing


Businesses use Instagram to develop and share creative social media content with their followers, while implementing marketing strategies to grow online. There are many different tools Instagram provides for businesses to use, but if these tools are used creatively and effectively, they can help your businesses maximize their goals for Instagram. Social media marketing can sometimes seem complicated when there is lots of competition, but Drive Traffic Media suggests these three simple tips your business can use to get its social media strategy on the right track. 

Instagram Bio

This might seem like an obvious tactic that your business already uses, but it can be optimized in a way that shows the brand’s personality as well as keeping it professional. Instagram bio is the first impression that users will get when they land on your page. The bio should not only be informative, but it needs to catch a viewer’s eye with a creative and engaging message. The information a bio should include is the name of the brand, the product or service the brand sells, and contact information. The bio should also include a creative description of the type of content shared on the page. This should be aligned with the brand voice, and certain types of emoticons can be used to add personality if it makes sense for the brand. You can also incorporate a relevant hashtag in addition to your website because this will help drive traffic to other pages where the brand produces content. 

Utilize a Content Calendar

When it comes to Instagram, consistency is the key to keeping your followers engaged. If you have a consistent plan for when you publish content, it will allow your content to be able to resonate with your followers. Each post should include the same type of logistics as the primary piece of content, hashtags, date, time, and an added location if necessary. If your content is scheduled for at least two weeks in advance, you will have more time to make content alterations if need be. A content calendar will help you make sure your content is organized, posted at the right times, and has consistent messaging. 

Try Curated Content

Try to avoid extreme repetition when posting on Instagram. If the same thing is always posted, your followers will grow old of the content. Keep them engaged with fresh content that stays on brand. You can even try incorporating curated content as long as it is relevant to the brand. Curated content could possibly help with networking with brands and influencers and ensuring your brand is staying up to date with the latest trends. It is important to give a variety of engaging content that doesn’t stray away from the brand’s focus. 

Utilizing an agency for social media marketing in Los Angeles like Drive Traffic Media is a great way to maximize your Instagram goals and get the most out of the platform. Instagram is a fantastic tool to help your business express its personality and grow, and understanding every tool to its core will ultimately maximize your success.