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Instagram: An Unexpected Advertising Platform

Instagram: An Unexpected Advertising Platform

Instagram: An Unexpected Advertising Platform

If you’ve been put in charge of the advertising budget for a company, then you know what a big responsibility it is. But what’s the best way to invest that money? An SEO company can help you with that. They not only optimize websites, but they’re also experts at crafting targeted social media marketing campaigns. They’ll tell you that social media has to figure in prominently with your ad choices, and one of the best platforms for the purpose is Instagram.

Hiring An SEO Company To Run Your Instagram Ad Campaign Will Soon Yield Results

Why Instagram Makes Sense For Advertising

While Instagram doesn’t have Facebook’s billions of users, the 500 million monthly users is not a number that should be ignored. The platform also commands a much higher rate of audience engagement than either Facebook or Twitter, meaning that when you post ads on Instagram, you can be sure that people are paying attention. Since Instagram is very video-and-visual-focused, companies that have products which can be made to look aesthetically appealing can make the best use of it.


It is also worth mentioning that Instagram users skew younger, with teens and those in their twenties making up a significant portion of its accounts. It’s slightly more female-oriented than male, and minorities make up a substantial number of its users as well. If any of these characteristics are in line with your buyer persona or target audience, then this should be good news for you. Unlike organic posts, you can make your Instagram ads link directly to a landing page or a product page. This is ideal because it means the customer is immediately presented with your product or service. The cost of the ads is similar to if you were running a Facebook campaign. The difference comes in the form of more engagement with Instagram users.    


Some Tips For Your Campaign

When setting up your Instagram ads, be sure to focus on custom audiences. In other words, you should use an email list, a followers list, or an audience created through pixel tracking. A list of users with whom you have engaged in the past is a smart bet. A “lookalike audience” is another place to focus your attention. The Instagram algorithm can help you find one. Don’t ever use stock photos, but instead use custom photos of real people. Most importantly, offer something that those on your list won’t be able to resist. A limited time offer, a two-for-one sale, or a free giveaway with purchase are all enticing. Connect with your niche audience through hashtags.


Because Instagram users are so dedicated to the platform, you have the best chance of making inroads through an aggressive campaign. You can be sure that you’re advertising to active accounts, and you’ll quickly see the campaign pay off in the form of click-through rates and sales.