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An Internet Marketing Agency Can Advise You On Ad-Supported Revenue

An Internet Marketing Agency Can Advise You On Ad-Supported Revenue

An Internet Marketing Agency Can Advise You On Ad-Supported Revenue

In Los Angeles, there have been several SEO pioneers that have gone on to start internet marketing agencies. These tech specialists often began their careers as webmasters and bloggers who were more technically sound than most. They figured out that there were ways to make money online without selling things. They would make a profit through ad revenue instead.


The ad-supported revenue model still exists today, though it has changed dramatically since those early times. Google makes billions every year with AdSense, for instance. So, if you have it in your head to make money through ad revenue on your site, what should you know, and what sorts of content should you feature?


The Days of MFA Are Past


The acronym MFA stands for “made for AdSense,” and these were sites that had been formatted to contain specific keywords. They got high bids from advertisers, and at one point were a way to practically print money. But times have changed, Los Angeles, and no self-respecting internet marketing agency would tell you to set up your website to be MFA anymore.


Creating superior content is the way to get site visitors now, not keyword stuffing. The opportunities to make money are still there, though. Digital ad spending is only growing, but now you can expand your ad networks to include such heavy hitters as You can also branch out into retargeting and affiliate networks to start building personal relationships with sellers looking to advertise.


Keyword Value Remains


Though MFA content is dead, there is still value in featuring keywords on your sites. Forget about bid prices for a moment, though, and think about audiences. To earn real money from ad clicks, you need to attract viewers that spend more. You might have a site that targets middle-class tastes, which is to say, those with expendable income. You might feature content that caters to CEOs or some other group that has expensive lifestyle habits.


You should also focus on long-tail keywords for SEO. There might be a significant amount of competition for some keywords within your niche, but if you can figure out how to corner the market on neglected long-tail keywords, you’ll be well set up to land some ad money.


SEO evolution is ongoing, and just because AdSense no longer dominates, that doesn’t mean that money-making opportunities from ads don’t still exist online. Figure out a niche where you can write with expertise, then begin to establish a following. If you’re skilled at it, you should be able to generate significant ad revenue before very long.