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An Internet Marketing Agency Can Optimize Your Site For Google

An Internet Marketing Agency Can Optimize Your Site For Google

An Internet Marketing Agency Can Optimize Your Site For Google

When you’re setting up the website for your Los Angeles-based business, you want to make sure that every aspect of it is optimized. You want to make it SEO-friendly for Google, and also you want the user experience to be easy and intuitive. Lucky for you, frequently this amounts to the same thing. When you’re setting your site up to be viewed favorably by the Google crawlers, you’re also going to be arranging things so that they are in places and in an order that makes sense to the average visitor. Here are some essential features of your site that both search engines and users will be expecting.


Keyword Usage


You want your keyword to appear within the first hundred words of the first article that appears on your site. Make sure that you’ve done your research and that it’s the best keyword for your niche.


Make Sure Your Design Is Responsive


This directive applies to both mobile and desktop versions of your site. For several years, Google has been penalizing sites with poor mobile user experience, and they’re justified in doing so. More viewers come to your mobile site these days than they do the desktop version. Responsive Design is the best way to ensure that visitors are enjoying their time on your site. If you’re unclear about the best Responsive Design options available to you, hire an internet marketing agency that specializes in this area.


Include Outbound Links


We could spend all day speaking about the importance of outbound links for SEO, Los Angeles. Suffice to say that outbound links to other sites in your niche is one of the ways Google becomes sure of your page’s topic. It’s a way that they can classify it correctly. Pages with outbound links to relevant sites rank higher than those without. It’s just that simple.


Include Internal Links


You don’t want to neglect internal links either. Every one of your posts should have 2-3, minimum. Wikipedia is the master of this. You can go there and see how each one of their pages is optimized for internal links. It increases their dwell time substantially.


Ramp Up Your Site Speed


The last thing we’ll mention is that you want your pages to load quickly. Google has explicitly stated that speed is used as a ranking factor. Whenever the search giant reveals an aspect of the algorithm, it is to your benefit to pay attention.


That should keep you busy, Los Angeles. This is preferred white hat SEO, the best ways to get your site noticed. Remember, if you’re uncertain about how to do any of these things, there are many online tutorials that you can take, or you can hire an internet marketing agency to take the reins for you.