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An Internet Marketing Agency Can Overhaul Your Outdated Website

An Internet Marketing Agency Can Overhaul Your Outdated Website

An Internet Marketing Agency Can Overhaul Your Outdated Website

When you are working in an internet marketing agency Los Angeles, it is sometimes tempting to throw things at the wall to see if any of it sticks. There are analytics tools that are available now that can let you know what it is on your site that is bringing traffic your way. You should always use them, but they’re only showing you what’s making your website successful. If you do not see the results that you want, what is making it unsuccessful? What is it that’s hurting your rankings? Why are you not getting the click-through rates that you want? There’s no single answer to these questions, which is why a meticulous process of trial and error is sometimes needed. You can also try these methods, which are consistently shown to help with optimization.   

Internet Marketing Agency Los Angeles: The Key To SEO Is An Updated Website

Make Your URL Structure Better


Your homepage URL should usually be concise. You want it to be short so that it is easily remembered. The subsequent pages, though, should be more specific about the webpage content, and they should have targeted keywords. However, you don’t want the URL to be too long and descriptive. If you do, the search engine will truncate it after a certain point. Think about overhauling your URL, but do so carefully. Changing it can also change your rankings. You might see a temporary drop in traffic, but if you did it right, it will increase again soon enough.


Website Overhaul


An occasional redesign and update is necessary for any website. Think of it like a store changing their display layout as the seasons change. If your theme looks outdated, that can be a reason for an update. Likewise, if humans find it difficult to navigate. Just like the URL structure, you need to be careful when you decide to do a significant redesign. Look into different themes, and think about the image of your company that you’re trying to convey. You don’t want to alienate your customers who have come to expect a particular brand appearance, but you also want to attract new ones with a different or modern feel. It can be a challenge. Brainstorm with members of your team who are talented in the area of website design.


These are optimization tactics that might not work immediately but should show positive results over time in the form of a higher click-through rate and more sales. Keep tinkering with your website, and be sure to keep your social media accounts updated. You should do all you can to be a tireless promoter for your brand.