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Your Internet Marketing Agency Knows The Importance of Running a PPC Campaign

Your Internet Marketing Agency Knows The Importance of Running a PPC Campaign

Your Internet Marketing Agency Knows The Importance of Running a PPC Campaign

For the Los Angeles-based business that has hired an internet marketing agency, the statistics regarding pay-per-click advertising might be enough to convince you to sink much of your ad budget into such a venture. It’s true that a smartly-run PPC campaign can produce positive results, but you also need to know about some of the possible dangers of PPC. The biggest of these, without a doubt, is click fraud.


How To Guard Against Click Fraud


Click fraud and ad fraud in general costs brands billions of dollars every year. You can avoid it, though, by taking the following steps. First, you should manually set up IP exclusions. Then you should run remarketing campaigns, and you should adjust your targeting as appropriate. Most importantly, though, you should install a click fraud prevention and detection tool. It canl tell the difference between the click farms and bots that are wasting your ad money and real customers clicking on your ads.


These sorts of tools are easy enough to obtain, Los Angeles, and they make use of smart algorithms to identify legit clicks versus fake ones. If you hire an internet marketing agency and they’re raving about how great a PPC ad campaign can be, make sure that one of these tools is a part of it.


Other Issues


If click fraud has been ruled out as a possibility but you still aren’t getting the sales numbers you would like, another step you can take is to change up your keywords. In some situations broad match keywords are the way to go, but with a PPC campaign that’s not usually the case. If you get more specific, it’s true that you may get fewer impressions and your overall volume may be lower. However, you should be able to find specific keywords for your campaign that will work for you if your internet marketing agency has some experience in this area.


In deciding how much faith you want to put in a PPC campaign, and in a particular internet marketing agency, the best way to make up your mind is to ask for specific examples in the form of empirical data of other highly successful PPC campaigns that they have run. You’re looking for more than high conversion rates. You’re also looking for evidence that the agency you’ve chosen knows how to do the necessary research to identify effective keywords.