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Is Your Los Angeles Agency Capable of Providing These Vital SEO Services?

Is Your Los Angeles Agency Capable of Providing These Vital SEO Services?

Is Your Los Angeles Agency Capable of Providing These Vital SEO Services?


There are so many different aspects of SEO, Los Angeles, and it can be problematic if you’ve hired an agency that seemed promising, but then they only excel at some of them. Maybe they’re great at finding keywords within your niche, but then the copy they write for your website is lacking. Perhaps they’re skilled at setting up backlinks for you, but they’re not able to find you suitable brand ambassadors with whom you can partner.

The best Los Angeles SEO companies are also the most versatile, but if you have specific optimization needs that must be addressed, your best bet is to speak to any agency you’re thinking about hiring before you sign a contract with them. Here are some questions you can ask about what they can do for you.

Do They Know How to Implement Tiered Pricing?

For businesses that have a sales model that is primarily based around e-commerce, you’re going to need an SEO company that knows all about online sales. That means they should know how to set up tiered pricing for you.

The notion of tiered pricing is on display at virtually any restaurant you have ever visited. It’s a way of pricing several items in the middle while there are some cheaper or more expensive outliers. A person will feel that a mid-range option is not extravagant as compared to something more costly, and the same goes for online sales.

Adding a decoy option to your pricing structure is a way to push people toward buying the middle option, not too cheap or expensive. If you don’t have this system set up already, talk to your SEO company candidates. They should be ready and willing to help you out in this area, Los Angeles businesses.

Strategic Pop-Ups

Nobody likes pop-ups that are disruptive and which appear just as you are reading an article or trying to accomplish some other online task. However, strategic pop-ups can mean the difference between making a sale or not, and your SEO company should be able to understand this.

One of the SEO services that they should be able to provide is the crafting of pop-up ads which only appear if a person has visited one of your product pages, but they are using the cursor and moving away from the screen. This indicates that they are not convinced enough yet that they want to buy from you.

A pop-up ad offering them an extra incentive might be what it takes for them to get out their credit card at this stage. If you can get them to sign up for your mailing list through one of these pop-ups, fill out a survey, or do something else proactive related to the site, then you can offer them an exclusive discount or free sample. These targeted pop-ups aren’t random, and that is why they more palatable to many potential online buyers.

As you move closer to the decision of which SEO company in Los Angeles you want to use, ask them pointed questions about these and any other services you need. Not all SEO companies are equally strong in all areas, and you owe it to yourself to partner with the one that seems capable of delivering in the areas where you have the most need.