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It’s Helpful To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

It’s Helpful To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

It’s Helpful To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency


Your website is something that you can’t afford to get wrong, Los Angeles. If there is any part of it that doesn’t work or that is unappealing, then you’re likely going to be missing out on a lot of sales. Besides that, people that find out about you through your site will probably form a negative impression of your company. You can’t afford to let that happen, and that’s why you should hire a digital marketing agency to help you if you don’t have an expert in-house team on staff.


Farming out your website launch to a digital marketing agency means that you’ll have a team of experts working to get all the kinks out before the site goes live. They will test and streamline every aspect of it until it is fully optimized and ready for visitors. You’ll have the final word of approval, and you’ll be able to implement changes to any aspect of it that you don’t like. Here is a checklist as to what you’ll be looking for as the process moves along.


Mobile-First Indexing


Your digital marketing agency should know that building the site for mobile-first indexing is crucial SEO, Los Angeles. Statistically, more people are going to be using your mobile site than the desktop or laptop versions. The UX for the mobile site should be perfect, or you risk alienating new and returning customers.


Implementation of 301-Redirects


If your digital marketing agency is building you a new site, but you had a previous one, then they’ll need to do 301-redirects for all of your old pages. It’s not too complicated if they know how to do it, though it is a bit monotonous.


Using Google Analytics and Search Console


The Analytics and Search Console features provided by Google are a must-have for your new site. You can use them to see all sorts of data regarding customer interaction when the site goes live. Your digital marketing agency can also use them to find long-tail keywords and for lots of other things.


Check For Broken Links


When the site is live and if everything else seems to be running smoothly, your SEO company can check for any broken links. 404-errors are frustrating for users, so you don’t want to see those anywhere.


It can be thrilling to see your new site go live if your digital marketing agency did a good job, Los Angeles. The right content, graphics, and calls to action can make a tremendous difference in conversion rates. Combine that with a vigorous social media campaign and you’ll be well-situated to dominate your market.