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Know Useful SEO Techniques

Know Useful SEO Techniques

Know Useful SEO Techniques

If you own a business and you’ve hired an internet marketing agency, then you might feel that you don’t need to know anything about SEO Los Angeles. You might want to focus on other aspects of product and brand promotion, and you might be leaving the running of your website entirely in their hands. If you’re going to do this, it’s your prerogative. Some companies are comfortable taking the reigns of your site and running the entire thing themselves, regardless of whether you’re a little mom-and-pop shop or a multinational corporation.

Your SEO Los Angeles Agency Should Take Advantage Of Keyword Usage


You should know a little about SEO, though, and the techniques that the marketing agency you hired will use to help draw eyes to your site. To that end, let’s talk a little about keywords, the terms for which people are searching that trigger the Google algorithm and yield specific search results. You want your site to show up at the top of those results, which is why keywords are so important.


Where Should You be Putting Your Keywords?


The short answer is “several places.” You need them in your page title, but you can’t just stick them in there and hope for the best. You also need to make that title interesting enough that people are going to want to click on it. Here’s a tip, and likely your marketing agency will already be aware of it. People like lists. It’s been established that casual internet searchers are attracted to things that are ranked. Therefore, a page title like “Here Are Some Of The Best Cars For Your Family” will probably not be as effective as one like “Here Are The Top Five Best Family Cars.”


You also need to put those keywords in the header. It’s helpful to have a title at the top, then some subheaders further down the page. This helps readers who are skimming through the post, but more importantly, the Google bots are more likely to understand exactly what the article is about when you do it. Articles arranged with subheadings help your ranking.


Keywords In Image Names And Alt-Tags


Finally, you can stick the keyword in the image name and alt-tags, assuming you have any visuals on your page. You should; people are attracted to visual images along with text. This is easy enough to do. Change the image name on your computer before uploading it. As for the alt-tag, this is the text shown by the web browser if for some reason the photo can’t load. By changing the name to a keyword, at least the site user (and the Google crawlers) will know what was there.


As you can see, keyword usage is critical on your site, and it’s helpful for you to understand that even if you don’t have anything to do with your website maintenance and content posting. When your internet marketing agency talks about the optimization campaign they’ve designed, now you’ll be able to follow along a little better and know what they’re doing.