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How to Know if Your Website is User-Friendly

How to Know if Your Website is User-Friendly

How to Know if Your Website is User-Friendly

A couple of years ago, website access via mobile devices overtook desktop and laptop. That’s hardly shocking, if you think about it. People love to use their phones to surf the net while they’re on the go. Google reported that the overwhelming majority of people used mobile devices to take advantage of their services, so it’s all the more critical that you implement SEO Los Angeles on your website for phones and tablets. How can you know if your site is mobile-friendly?

Think About Mobile Devices And SEO Los Angeles

Search Console Is Your Friend

Search Console is a tool that has a mobile usability report. It is useful because it can give you a page-by-page breakdown of exactly what’s going wrong with a mobile site. Here are a few factors on which it might be focusing.

Small font size: nobody wants to use their fingers to pinch the screen and zoom in. Make sure that your site is formatted so users don’t have to keep doing that.

Flash Usage: Flash might be okay for you to use on your non-mobile site, but most mobile browsers don’t render it. Use more modern technologies to avoid this problem.

Viewport not working: users will want the viewport to be functional, so that they can scale a page to fit a specific device. Much like Flash, it’s going to irritate browsers if it’s not working.

Content wrong size for viewport: the page content does not fit the window, so a viewer has to keep scrolling. Don’t use fixed widths. Having relative widths should solve this problem.

Touch elements are not distinct: this is when a user is trying to touch a certain element, but it is too close to the ones beside it, so the user keeps hitting the wrong one. It’s infuriating.  

Full-screen pop-ups: Google has cracked down on these lately, and with good reason. No mobile site user wants their entire screen to be taken over by a pop-up suddenly. It feels very invasive.


These are only a few of the more common irritants with which a mobile user may have to deal. Once Search Console has given you a detailed breakdown of what needs work on your site, pay attention to it. Even larger companies have been slow to change some of these elements so that their websites are more mobile-friendly. There’s no excuse for it. If you want more traffic, you need to be respectful of the mobile user.