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Let’s Look Inside The Toolbox Of A Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s Look Inside The Toolbox Of A Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s Look Inside The Toolbox Of A Digital Marketing Agency


Most Los Angeles companies understand at this point how necessary it is for all aspects of their website to function properly. To that end, it’s not unusual for them to hire a digital marketing agency to help them with their sites. However, for some of these companies, it’s a mystery what these agencies are doing all day. Of what does optimization consist, and what tools are these agencies using to help them get results? We won’t get into every facet of optimization right now, but what we will do is mention some of the tools that your digital marketing agency is likely to be using.


SERP Extraction Bookmarklet


The SERP Extraction Bookmarklet, by SEO guru Chris Ainsworth, lets you extract Google search results almost instantaneously. You add it to your browser, and then, once you click it, the search results are there for you to see. This is a way for your digital marketing agency to figure out keywords to use on your site, Los Angeles. It’s also a way to reveal to them potential guest posters who are writing about subjects in which your niche will likely take an interest. You can also combine it with the gInfinity tool if you want. That way you can scrape hundreds of Google search results at the same time.


Merge Words


Another handy tool in which your digital marketing agency will likely take an interest is Merge Words. It lets you merge up to three sets of keywords. This will allow you to come up with different phrases and combinations to paste into keyword research tools. You can also use it to come up with a list of search queries that are based on product features or locations. All of this amounts to useful research that will reveal the best and most used keywords and keyword phrases. You’ll need to include them on your site to get the engagement levels for which you’re hoping.




Browseo is a way for you to see how web pages look once they are stripped down to their fundamental elements. Why would you want to see that, Los Angeles? The reason is that when you look at a website without any styling or CSS, it can show you how Google views your site. You’ll be able to see if Google is getting the impression of your site that you want them to, or whether any of the critical content is convoluted or inaccessible.


When you start to learn a little about these sorts of tools that your digital marketing agency is using, you can open up a dialogue with them about whether their methods are the most efficient for fixing up your site. You might be thinking “Well, that’s the reason that I hired them. Why should I care about any of this stuff, or how it works?”


It’s true that if you’re not doing any of the SEO yourself, then it’s not necessary for you to know about these tools. But the more you know about your website and the way that it is being run, the more in control you’ll be of your company’s future. Because your site being optimized is so vital for your success, it’s a smart move to try and pick up at least a few SEO basics along the way. That means knowing about the existence of these tools, what they do, and how your digital marketing agency is using them.