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LinkedIn: A New Frontier In Targeted Advertising

LinkedIn: A New Frontier In Targeted Advertising

LinkedIn: A New Frontier In Targeted Advertising

LinkedIn is unique among social platforms. It is a network for professionals, a place to connect with others in your niche to establish ties that could be mutually beneficial from a business standpoint. But how does it fare as a platform with advertising potential? Might it be a wise strategy to invest some of your ad dollars there, as opposed to say, Facebook or Twitter? The answer is yes, according to more than one SEO company. So, how do you go about crafting a LinkedIn ad campaign that will get your company noticed?


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How Does LinkedIn Marketing Work?

LinkedIn has about 227 million monthly users, and the splits between male and female use are about even. The majority of users fall between 30 and 60 years old, proving correct the notion that primarily professionals of working age use the site. The reason LinkedIn is so appealing for advertising is that the average median income of those who use it is higher than many other social media platforms. In specific industries, it’s also where you’re likely to find the highest quality leads. Retailers or brands that operate using a B2C strategy, meaning that they’re selling on a business-to-customer basis, don’t do as well here. For that model, Facebook or Twitter makes more sense. If B2B, meaning business-to-business sales, is what forms the base of your business model, then you’ll likely do well on LinkedIn. If high-end B2B sales are your goal, or if you’re in the industries of recruitment or secondary education, LinkedIn is perfect.


The best way to use LinkedIn for advertising is through Text ads, sponsored InMail, and sponsored content. If you decide to invest ad money on LinkedIn, have your marketing agency keep careful tabs on how your ads are performing. If any are under a 0.10% click-through rate after a designated period, discard or refine them. For B2B purposes, targeting by company, company size, education level, skill set, location, seniority, or titles can all be tremendously effective. Talk to your marketing agency or whoever is in charge of your social media advertising in-house, and figure out what works best your brand. Short, pithy ad copy works well for LinkedIn. If you can make your ads address problems or challenges that people have, they’re likely to interested. Try to immediately answer the question of what your company or product can do for them.


If your company uses a B2B model, and highly targeted advertising with a high rate of return appeals to you, then LinkedIn should be at the top of your list for usable social media platforms. Talk to your SEO company or in-house marketing team about it without delay.