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LinkedIn For SEO Should Not Be Neglected

LinkedIn For SEO Should Not Be Neglected

LinkedIn For SEO Should Not Be Neglected

Many social media platforms can help with SEO Los Angeles. One of those where the potential might be undervalued is LinkedIn, probably because of its stigma as being strictly a “professional” site, and therefore not for entertainment purposes like Twitter or Facebook. In fact, there’s plenty you can do to promote your business with LinkedIn, even if you’re not using it to post videos of dogs on surfboards. Here are some ways you can use it to increase brand awareness and attract fans and customers of your company.

If You Want To Promote SEO Los Angeles, Consider LinkedIn As An Ally

LinkedIn Groups


What you’re looking for here are groups that fit your niche or your area of expertise. You can join, and then send up to 15 messages per month to the other group members. This is a method of indirect advertising, as you can let them know about events that your company is hosting or in which it is participating. If you can’t find a group that matches your niche, you can create one and be the administrator. This can be even more useful, as it establishes you as a leader in your field. You can generate leads, and you can reach out to others in your community. Once you’re in the group, take advantage by creating a weekly newsletter of sorts. You never know who’s going to see it that might want to take advantage of one of your products or services.


LinkedIn and Twitter


You can share your LinkedIn updates on Twitter, thereby maximizing the use of your followers on both platforms. Use the @ symbol followed by the company’s LinkedIn profile name, and your Twitter followers will be made aware of whatever is happening on your LinkedIn profile. That way you’ll be sure to reach them with news of happenings involving your company.




You should also make sure that your page is set up so that it has aesthetic appeal. Use an intriguing banner image and the most recent layout. Make a Showcase page, and add your latest products and services to it.


There’s virtually no limit to what LinkedIn can do for you and your company. Like Facebook and Twitter, you want to make sure that you update your profile regularly and add fresh content. This lets anyone viewing your profile know that you’re engaged in your community, and they’re more likely to see you as an industry player.