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Los Angeles Companies Concerned With SEO Should Turn To Social Media

Los Angeles Companies Concerned With SEO Should Turn To Social Media

Los Angeles Companies Concerned With SEO Should Turn To Social Media

If you hire an internet marketing agency for your business, Los Angeles, one of the first things they’re going to ask you about is the status of your social media accounts. They’ll want to know on what platforms you are active, how many followers you have, and how often you post. That’s because, if used correctly, social media can do a lot for your brand. Here are a couple of suggestions as to how to get the most out of your social media for SEO.


You Should Optimize Your Posts For Searches


The first thing you’ll need to do to implement this strategy is to have a strong anchor for your post. That can be a link to an article, an infographic, or a video. That’s going to serve as your foundation. Make sure you title it in a descriptive, accurate way. When you post it, you’ll want to frame it using text that has been optimized for specific search terms.


For instance, if you’ve written an article for how best to keep pests from eating your tomato plants, you might frame it with a query like “Have you ever wondered how to keep backyard pests from eating your tomato plants?” You can even throw in some seasonal keywords if it is practical for you to do so. You’ll find this to be an effective strategy for SEO, Los Angeles.


Social Sharing


Exerting influence on social sharing also helps your SEO. If three people share your post, that’s great, but if three hundred share it, that’s much better. An external source validating your brand gets you positive attention from Google and other search engines. Increased authority comes from shares, likes, retweets, replies, and favorites.


How can you get your content shared more? It’s easy: appeal to your followers directly. Offer a chance to win a prize for those who share your posts. You’ll have to make the giveaway something pretty good, though, to convince enough people to do it. Interactive surveys are also great ways to encourage engagement. Ask people if they agree with you on some issue, for instance. The more people share your content, the more followers you’ll gain, and the more Google will take notice of your brand’s rise in notoriety.


There are so many Los Angeles companies that are jockeying for position in a crowded market, regardless of your industry. Best SEO practices can take you to the next level of customer engagement if you stick to them, and social media activity has to be part of any modern strategy. If you are unsure about any aspect of brand promotion, you can always hire an internet marketing agency to help you.