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Marketing Automation Options For Your Business

Marketing Automation Options For Your Business

Marketing Automation Options For Your Business


In Los Angeles, your company needs to be running optimized social media campaigns if you want to get those sales and engagement numbers. You can hire a social media agency to take over the day-to-day operations, but if you also need them to work on your website, create blogs for you regularly, and things of that nature, then they may wish to look into some automation tools to make their lives easier. Here are some of the better ones on the market.




With Buffer, you can schedule any post across virtually any platform, Los Angeles. You can input patterns like “every day,” every weekday,” etc. More importantly, though, you can use it to follow up on your posts and see which ones were most effective, which ones got the most engagement, and which ones were being ignored. You or your social media agency can then tailor your posts so that they are more likely to get noticed in the future.


Meet Edgar


Through Meet Edgar, you can recycle your old posts. That’s helpful if your social media agency is pulling double duty working on your website or fashioning a PPC ad campaign for you. You can categorize your posts so that your content does not seem repetitive. Meet Edgar will select a post from each one of the categories you designated in turn until there aren’t any left. Then, if you haven’t yet supplied any new posts, it will go through them again.




Hootsuite is probably the standard bearer for these types of optimization tools, Los Angeles, and it is highly likely that your social media agency will know about them. It’s a simple tool, and easy to learn how to use, but it is a significant time saver. You can set up a system for posting across many different platforms, like Buffer, but then the analytics that you can use to break down consumer interactions with your posts are unmatched. You can figure out when the best time of day is to send out your posts, whether those with visual content are better received, or whether your followers are more likely to respond to surveys or quizzes.


You need to get the most that you can out of your social media agency, Los Angeles, so you can’t have them stuck writing posts for you exclusively. You’ll likely have many more tasks for them, so any chance that they have to automate one of their chores, it is for the best. Talk to them about which one of these might be the right fit, and it will streamline your entire social media strategy.