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Marketing Tips During COVID-19

Marketing Tips During COVID-19

Marketing Tips During COVID-19


It’s such a sad time in history, where everything is so uncertain. We don’t know when this pandemic will end, how many people will be affected, and how many people will lose their lives (sadly). Economies are crashing, employees are being laid off, and businesses are shutting down completely. Those who are working in the frontline are at a higher risk of being affected by COVID-19. 

In such unprecedented times, we need to do anything we can to make the situation a little less bad. 

Below are the few things that marketers should consider. 

Build a COVID-19 page

Design a COVID-19 page on your Los Angeles digital marketing agency website. Be up-front and inform your clients how this pandemic has affected your services. Also, mention whether you can take on further clients or not. Provide all the details about if you are going on full lockdown and how it is affecting your business. Set up some landing pages that explicitly mention your business operation during COVID. 

One such example is banks. They are the fastest movers. Almost all the banks have set their pages up soon after the spread of COVID-19. They have clearly mentioned how it has affected their locations and working hours.

Put an announcement on your Home Page

If you are in a business like painting, plumbing, construction, electrician, or landscaping],  you can place an announcement on your home page. Ensure that you are taking some extra safety steps to fulfill your clients’ needs. Mention if you are happy to meet your clients in person in their home or office. It will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

You can also add some safety checklists for them in the footnotes. It shows you care for your customers. 

Evaluate Google Ads Campaigns 

If you have any running Google Ad campaigns, think about whether pausing them or keep them running makes sense. Almost 40-50% of the business in Los Angeles is thinking about pausing the ads they had their digital marketing companies run. This statistics does not apply to every industry, but it varies based on what industry you are in. 

For example, those in pharmaceutics, health care, food, or eCommerce business will either keep them running or add more spending in their ad campaigns. If you are any other business, take time to review the analytics and analyze cost-per-conversion and cost-per-click. 

Provide a resource page for your stakeholder and community

If you provide useful information about COVID that can help them cope up with the current pandemic, it’s a big plus. At the end of the day we all are humans and we need to fight these unprecedented times together. We have to pass-through this struggle together and do everything to help one another. 

As a digital marketing agency, your responsibility is to make sure you are with your employees and clients in these hard times. Try to get creative, come up with some new ideas, and share with them. Stay connected to those who matter the most because it’s the need of today. Work strategically as we pass through these situations. Be strategic, be useful, and keep busy. Live by the values and do your best to help anyone who needs you the most. Most of the companies in Los Angeles have designed some sort of informative pages on their website. Have you already created it on your website too? Let us know and stay safe!