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Nothing To Fear About The Twitter Purge

Nothing To Fear About The Twitter Purge

Nothing To Fear About The Twitter Purge

Twitter recently announced that they would be first locking and then eliminating any accounts that violated their terms of service. Their goal was to purge any inactive or dummy accounts that were being used to artificially inflate the number of followers that some people or brands had. Some Los Angeles-based companies did indeed lose significant amounts of followers that way, and many celebrities did as well. That was cause for much complaining and even some conspiracy theories as to which Twitter users were supposedly being targeted for their political beliefs, etc. None of these claims have been substantiated. However, it’s still possible that your company lost some amount of followers, and if so, you might be upset. Here’s why the purge will prove to be a good thing in the long run.

Los Angeles Companies Thinking About SEO Can Now Rely More On Twitter

Honest Users Will Benefit


If you have an internet marketing agency running your Twitter account, you might have gone to them when this happened and asked them about the SEO significance of it. Their likely response was that yes, you were losing some followers at the moment, but the followers you still had were guaranteed to be real people. That matters. If your ads were being shown to fake accounts, you were getting zero return on that financial outlay. The purge is going to have the effect of making your Twitter numbers credible, as well as those of everybody else. Trust in the platform means that you’ll know your ad money is being spent in the best possible way.


The Purge Will Benefit SEO


The purge might seem jarring to you if you rely on Twitter as a significant part of your ad strategy, but think of it as an overdue spring cleaning. It’s probably not going to be fun at the time, but you’ll be glad of it later. Twitter will be a more trustworthy place since the company heads have promised that these purges of fake accounts will take place regularly from now on. You’ll know that your fans are consuming the content you put out, and you can have complete confidence going forward in this aspect of your social media campaign. That’s valuable. None of us have unlimited ad money, and for smaller companies, this will make the most significant difference.


White hat SEO is reliant on always trying to get a better understanding of your service, site, and products. Equally important is the dependability and trustworthiness of the platforms you use to promote them. Twitter just became more useful to you, Los Angeles. If you were discounting it in your ad strategy before, this might be the perfect time to reconsider.