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Optimize Your Product Page For Voice Search To Stay Ahead of Competition

Optimize Your Product Page For Voice Search To Stay Ahead of Competition

Optimize Your Product Page For Voice Search To Stay Ahead of Competition


Voice search is in the limelight of the search industry…

It is expected that half of the search queries published soon will be oral(and so half of the search results will be spoken too), where does the click come from?

In other words, does an increase in voice search mean the death of search referral traffic?

In a way, it may… but it will never lead to the death of digital marketing.

What is voice search?

Voice search is the most advanced human/machine interaction in which devices that support voice search can answer verbal search queries.

The conversational search platform analyzes spoken words and responds to answers in a computerized speech similar to natural language. 

Voice search is currently integrated into a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, streaming device remotes, and home assistant, and in Los Angeles most of the businesses include voice search into their SEO strategies. 

• Amazon: The Alexa voice search of Amazon uses the Bing search engine to extract information.

• Apple: Apple developed Siri in 2011, initially using Bing, but now it has turned to Google.

• Google: The Google Voice Search depends on the Google search engine algorithms.

• Windows: With the introduction of Windows 10, Bing’s built-in assistant Cortana was used.

To give you some background before we get into the tactics, here is how the search algorithm changes to accommodate the growing trend of voice search:

How search players keep up?

With the rise of voice search, the old-school search engine platform has changed. Search engines like Bing and Google have moved from keyword-centric formats to analytics semantics and natural language processing, making search results more similar to voice searches.

RankBrain is primarily used by SEO Company Los Angeles as a middleman to interpret searches to identify web pages that match the search criteria but does not necessarily use the exact words of the search phrase.

It relies heavily on semantics, transcending keywords and sneaking into the contextual meaning of search phrases. Voice search is a new reason why content creators focus on their content structure and analyze each page and article to answer a specific role.

How to optimize product pages for voice search?

Now that we all know our source, let’s take a look at the strategy here:

Optimize product descriptions of related terms and concepts.

Keep in mind that the search engine I mentioned above now has a better understanding of the context. No keywords are isolated: Google uses machine learning and semantic analysis to understand the true meaning of each type or spoken query.

Ok, some tools can help you think like Google. Text Optimizer uses Google’s search snippets for queries to extract contexts (related terms and concepts) using semantic analysis. 

What you need now is to choose those that are right for your product and cover them naturally in the product description.

Continue processing your product description until Text Optimizer scores it at least 80 or higher.

Add product question and answer

Another voice search SEO practice is to optimize the content of the 5W + H problem, or who, what, when, where, why and how.

By isolating a small piece of information, Google and Smart Agents can answer 5W + H questions quickly and succinctly. Instantly answering the questions is a huge benefit to your web page.

Adding a live vocabulary (internal link to your product page) is another good idea to gain some visibility from a search based on information intent and to get some sales by offering a product as a solution. 

Use HTML title

Use the H2 and H3 headings to point the search engine to your page structure and hierarchy. It also helps the page get more features, even if you currently rank in the top 5 organic search locations:

Getting a referral is the best way to rank your voice search queries, and smart keyword optimization using subtitles is the best way to get recommendations.

Use lists and tables

Finally, if you use bullets, tables, and key points to organize pages, the voice search platform will better understand your content.

Another benefit is that a clean organization improves readability and encourages you to scan before leaving. You will notice more audience willing to interact with your product page and the retention rate will increase. 

Add product architecture

While keeping SEO strategies simple is still a good idea, search engines can always use some help to better understand your page.

The Schema App is a great (paid) tool that integrates with your e-commerce site. If you use WordPress for an e-commerce website content management, you can choose from a variety of plugins.

Monitor your mobile rankings closely

Voice search results are closely related to mobile search results. Whether you see content that is ranked first or displayed on a mobile device, it may be read to the user in response to a voice search query. This makes mobile rankings even more important.

Rankey is one of the few platforms that recognize the importance of mobile location tracking and provides clear reports that combine desktop and mobile search. SEO Company Los Angeles advises businesses to Rankey to better understand the insights. 

For the best voice search SEO, you must develop a session format and guess the search engine that the user will ask you to log in to.