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When Planning SEO, Don’t Forget About Long-Tail Keywords

When Planning SEO, Don’t Forget About Long-Tail Keywords

When Planning SEO, Don’t Forget About Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords have become increasingly more important for SEO Los Angeles. Part of the reason for that is how they draw in web searchers who are looking for particular things. It’s long-tail keyword usage that will attract users to your site when instead of terms like “ravioli recipe,” they instead are typing “gluten-free pumpkin ravioli recipe” into Google. Users continue to get better at using search engines, whether by design or by intuition. As a business owner or someone who runs a website for a business, it behooves you to try and take advantage of that. But how can you do so? Continue reading, as we try to answer that very question.

SEO Los AngelesFiguring Out Long-Tail Keywords For Your Niche

It might be possible to guess some of the long-tail keywords that people are using, but this is not something that you want to leave to chance. Instead, you’ll want to rely on tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Once you’ve pinpointed some keywords using these two that are going to be central to your content, use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It will give you some great tips on how best to distribute those long-tail keywords on your pages so that they will have maximum impact.


How Best To Use Long-Tail Keywords So That Google Takes Notice

If you want to attract Google’s attention and make sure that you rank highly in your niche, try to incorporate several long-tail keyword variations into your blogs and articles. Make sure that they fit in there organically. Don’t repeat them over and over; that’s keyword stuffing, and there’s no quicker way to get on Google’s bad side. If you’re able to use long-tail keywords in a way that adds relevance and credibility to your site in the eyes of search engine bots, then you’ll be recognized as an authority in your field, and your site will almost certainly rank highly.    

The other reason that you’ll want to make long-tail keyword usage a big part of any optimization campaign is that web surfers that come to your site by searching for long-tail keywords are much more likely to become customers. The relationship between click-through rates, conversion rates, and long-tail keywords is noticeable any time you look at an analytics report. With all this evidence at your disposal, your path is clear. Use long-tail keywords to help you not only generate traffic but also to turn that traffic into sales.    

When Trying To Develop SEO Los Angeles, Don’t Neglect Long-Tail Keyword Usage