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These Popular Tools Can Help You With SEO

These Popular Tools Can Help You With SEO

These Popular Tools Can Help You With SEO

Have you dabbled in SEO before, Los Angeles? If so, then you may have already adopted some of the more popular white hat techniques that have been demonstrated to help you rank. Here are a few with which you might not yet be familiar, but they are sure to help you on your SEO journey.


The Connection Between Poor UX and Bounce Rates


You probably already know that bounce rates are harmful to your search engine ranking, and they can sometimes be attributed to poor UX, or user experience. You might have great content on your pages, but no one is going to wait around long enough to find out if there are slow loading times and awkward formatted issues happening. Making your page easy to use will lower your bounce rate, Los Angeles businesses, so think about reaching out to an internet marketing agency that has experience in this area.


Crazy Egg


There are also some handy tools out there that can help tell you what’s working and what isn’t on your web pages. One of them is Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg requires a subscription, but you would do well to consider getting one. It lets you break down how users are interacting with your pages, so you get a better idea of what features are popular and which ones aren’t. You can see heat maps of where users are hovering the most on each page, and there are also scroll maps and overlays available. Scroll maps reveal to you how far down a user gets on your page before leaving.




There’s also Optimizely, which is a tool that you can use to conduct A/B testing on your site. This is a data-driven, scientific method by which you can test your website to see how much users are getting out of it. You use it to show multiple versions of your site to users and compare it against the control page, which is usually the website as it currently exists. If you’re a marketer, you can get valuable data this way concerning how small changes you are making are affecting the site for the worse or better.


You can get these tools yourself, Los Angeles, but then that also means you have to figure out the various ins and outs of using them. You will probably be better off hiring an internet marketing agency to implement their use as part of a campaign strategy. They will likely know all about them, and they can use them to optimize your site and make it as engaging and user-friendly as it can be.