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Powerful Ways to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media

Powerful Ways to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media

Powerful Ways to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media


Social media is an amazing tool to connect with potential customers and build your business relationships. Social media marketing agencies Los Angeles help businesses to combine their email marketing with social media strategies and scale their profits.   

Customers often come across more than 12 different brands before making a purchase decision, so companies that successfully combine email and social media marketing can easily boost their sales and profits by garnering the most attention from customers. In the process, they drive interaction, build customer loyalty, and generate brand recognition! 

If you already have a business or looking to launch a new one, follow these tips to get great results using both email and social media marketing:

Combine Social Media and your Email List to build a Stronger Brand

Potential customers seek brand integrity, and which is dependent on a company being trustworthy and paying attention to small details and preferences of their customer base. Social media marketing agencies Los Angeles help businesses to strengthen their brand integrity.  

So what happens when both your email and social media marketing teams don’t talk to each other? Brand consistency is hurt. If your emails are fun and informal, then your Facebook page content needs to informal and fun as well. If your content is not synchronized then the whole brand becomes weak – and as a result you will lose potential customers.

Aligning both email and social media marketing is not difficult, but it requires regular, supervised communication between teams. If you do it right, this approach will help you build a more effective brand.

Make informed decisions on Social Media using your Email List  

Advertising on social media can be an effective way to convert potential customers, so write a great ad copy and use some appealing call-to-actions to achieve more conversions. 

Use your email marketing strategy to test your advertising ideas. For example, write a few emails based on an effective subject line, see which one works best – and then use it for social media ads.

Always repurpose the Content – it will save you Time and Money

Social media marketing agencies Los Angeles encourage you to repurpose content, which you can do in several ways. Repurposing content for both email and social media is easy. You can create short yet engaging social media posts out of the emails that you create. Or you can repurpose the latest video that you made for the social media for the next weekly email – the opportunities are endless.

The major benefit here is the opportunity to share assets between both the email marketing and social media teams. It is a cost-effective and great strategy. Another example is, you can ask your Twitter/Facebook fans to share their success stories. Choose the most impressive posts and use them in your next email update. This strategy will help you have content of the next email and this way you will tell your subscribers about your social media pages.

Add a link to a social media page in an email update

This is obvious. Don’t forget to place a link to the relevant social media page in the email update! Now subscribing to your profile is just a one-click decision.

If a customer is already subscribed to your email list and if he likes the content, he may be interested in following your social media page as well. But if you don’t have a link available, most people won’t bother looking for them.

Schedule weekly posts on social media to remind people of your email list

It’s also useful to remind your followers on social media pages. For beginners, you can schedule a post with a link to your email list login page. Explain how this will benefit your followers and why your email list is cool.

On Instagram, you can add relevant links to your stories. You can also run a story to build your email list. This way, users can access your landing page with a single swipe. 

In some cases, it’s best to use built-in tools for such promotions (such as Facebook’s call-to-action button).

Encourage people to participate 

Offer something great on your social media pages, and encourage people to participate. Offer a discount or give away and then ask people to register for your weekly newsletter. It will help you build a great email list. 

Use social media to get the right customers to subscribe

Social media (especially LinkedIn) can help if you want specific people to sign up for your email list. For example, insert your ideal customer profile into the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The tool will immediately generate a list of hundreds of people who are unique to your customers.

It is great to upload your email list to social media

Now you can also import people who have subscribed to your email list to social media.

Upload your email subscriber list to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This way, you can easily target your ads based on whether your customers have previously come across your brand.

In this fast-paced digital world today, you will find more ways to promote your business online than ever before. 

Make sure your email and social media marketing strategy work together. It will help you build a great audience and scale your business to the next level.