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Running a Small Business? Consider these Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

Running a Small Business? Consider these Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

Running a Small Business? Consider these Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

When you’re marketing your brand and your business today, what matters most is your ability to go digital. Sure, you may be small compared to a lot of online marketing entities, but the digital world is not discriminative—it exists for all endeavors, no matter the size. After all, it is a cost-efficient means to reaching an audience you could never reach through any of its media predecessors (e.g., print, broadcast, brochures). Further, it allows you to target your audience like no other media. So, why not use it for small businesses?

In fact, online is the most effective way for the smallest of businesses to introduce themselves to potential customers while nurturing a lasting relationship with your customer base. How is all of this possible for a small business like yours?


Go Mobile

You have probably been hearing this a lot lately: Mobile devices are taking over as a means to browse and now shop. Though tablets comprise a portion of this mobile craze, smartphones dominate. In fact, 80 percent of internet users now own a smartphone, and they use their devices to conduct Google searches. Smartphones, after all, stay with a consumer wherever they go or travel.


That said, you must not just wait for them to contact you. You must constantly engage them. One of the best ways is through text messages. Indeed, research finds that 98 percent of all text messages are typically opened.


Don’t Stop Marketing via Email

 Despite the proliferation of messaging, email remains a very reliable and common form of digital communication. Email marketing also nurtures customer relationships, especially those compiling a history of purchases from you. If fact, 91 percent of adults in the U.S. say they like to receive various promotional emails from those companies that have sold a product or service to them.


Get Serious with Social Media

The popularity of social media platforms continues to explode, and it’s never too late to exploit this instant customer resource.


Your first step is to figure out which social media sites pose the most benefit to your niche. Once identified, schedule regular posts on these platforms to develop within your audience an expectation of informational tidbits. They will then continue to visit that social media site for your updates and perhaps even share your posts with their network of friends.


Consider these tips as you steer your small business on the digital roadmap to marketing success. If you feel like you’re not up to conducting a strategy on your own, there is no need to worry. You can select from a number of online marketing firms who readily work with small businesses to launch their brands on the internet with remarkable results. It’s time to write your own online success story by getting serious with digital marketing.





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