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An SEO Company Might Use These Tools For Blog Ideas

An SEO Company Might Use These Tools For Blog Ideas

An SEO Company Might Use These Tools For Blog Ideas

If you have a website for your company or you have been put in charge of managing one, you know that many different aspects go into keeping it relevant. Fresh content is a big one, as any SEO company will tell you. That means articles and blogs posted in a timely fashion. You want them to be about things that will interest your visitors, but thinking about new topics in your niche multiple times a week can be draining. You’ll be gratified to hear that there are some tools that you can use to help you generate blogging ideas.

If You Get An SEO Company To Help With Blogs, These Resources Are Ways For Them To Find Inspiration


This is a site that looks to answer the question of what is happening in any given niche, which is to say the most current articles and features when you input a specific phrase or keyword. You can use something like “what’s new with baking,” and you’ll get a list of top blog posts from around the web about that topic. You can get some ideas by browsing what other people have written. Inspiration is easy to find this way.


Tweak Your Biz

The Tweak Your Biz Title Generator is another fantastic tool that can help you come up with blog ideas. Enter a phrase or a keyword, and it will come up with a list of potential blog post titles which involve it in some way. They come conveniently grouped in different categories. If you put in something like “home improvement,” you’ll have hundreds of options from which to choose. Granted, you’ll still need to write the blog once you pick the title, but this is a way to get you inspired if you haven’t been able to find anything else to jog your brain.



A twist on the same idea as Alltop, Topsy lets you put in a word or phrase and then search blogs, recent tweets, Google Plus posts, and elsewhere to see what people are talking about related to that topic. If the topic is trending right then, you can see what people said about it in the past hour, day, or week. You can filter it any way that you like, looking only at videos or tweets, for instance. You’ll soon have plenty of ideas from which to draw.


With these useful tools, you will soon have all the inspiration you need. There’s a universe of ideas out there, regardless of niche or topic. It never hurts to get a bit of a helping hand.