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An SEO Company Will Help With Your Social Media

An SEO Company Will Help With Your Social Media

An SEO Company Will Help With Your Social Media

If you need to prepare a social media campaign and you haven’t had much experience with it, it can seem overwhelming at first. One way to avoid the headache is to hire an SEO company. They’re more than likely to be experts at social media interaction. If you do decide to make a go of it on your own, then most of what it comes down to is putting together a knowledgeable team and planning the day-to-day posting schedule.

If You Need Social Media Help, An SEO Company Is The Way To Go

Assemble Your Super-Team

You are going to need a group of people with photo editing and writing skills, and some tech know-how. You’re want someone who can monitor your social media platforms throughout the day as well, to interact with customers who are reaching out to you. You’ll also want your team members to be very energized and engaged.


Campaign Planning

In this stage, you’ll want to sit down with your team and go over your goals. What are your short-term objectives for each of your platforms? Talk about general content ideas, and what the best ways are to generate buzz around your new services and products. Try to set yourself milestones along the way so that you know you’re on the right track.


Choose Your Platforms

There is no best social media platform. It all depends on the sort of business that you’re running, and your target audience. You need to figure out where they are most likely to be spending time, and then examine industry benchmarks. Social Barrel is a useful tool for this purpose. It shows you specifics that you can consider: the types of skills your team needs, demographics, objectives, potential reach, etc.


Set Up An Editorial Calendar

Setting up a calendar for your posts is the best way to keep everyone on task. You can use it to streamline your resources and stay focused on what your audience needs. There are free customizable Excel templates you can use, or a Google Drive spreadsheet is ideal as well. You can set it so that all of your team members can edit each other’s work. Set up columns noting the promotion, article type, keywords, and categories.


Find Your Voice

Finally, make sure that you stay in character. You are representing your brand with every post, so your delivery, tone, and language choices matter. Your potential customers are subconsciously forming an impression of you, so you want to convey a business personality that is most likely to resonate with them.