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Advertising for Everyone

Advertising for Everyone

Running a Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) campaign is an effective way to reach potential customers. Unlike traditional media advertising, Google Ads can be targeted to specific audiences and appear only when potential customers search for certain keywords or, in the case of the Google Display Network, when they visit particular sites or those that match a topic related to your business.

Google Ads are Intuitive

Because with Google Ads your ads always relate to the searches that potential customers do, the chances that your message will capture their attention and translate into a sale are much higher than with traditional media advertising.

For instance, say that you have been invited to spend a weekend at a millionaire’s ski lodge in Aspen (who hasn’t had that problem?) and are looking to buy appropriate clothes. You type “ski clothes” on the Google search bar and… voila! Before the list of organic results come a short series of paid ads related to what you are looking for—ski clothes.

Text or Display?

Text Ads consist of a couple of lines of descriptive text accompanied by a URL and sometimes extensions such as a telephone number or an address. If you are working on a desktop computer, Google Display Ads from the Google Merchant Network will show on the right side of your screen.  If you are using a mobile device, the Google Display Ads will come atop the text ads. These ads include images and prices.

Boundless Opportunities

The Google Display Network works like a humongous market place in which you had rented a locale to display your merchandise. The difference is that instead of waiting for people to walk by and discover your store, as it would have to happen in real life, with Google Ads your merchandise appears in front of potential customers the moment they search for the type of products you sell. Additionally, the amount you pay in rent is directly connected to the amount of traffic you receive. With a reach of over 2 million sites and over 90% of all Internet users, the Google Display Network comprises a market of about 3.5 billion people. That is a lot of people!

Abandoned Carts? Go Chase Them!

Google Ads allow you to create retargeting campaigns to go after those customers who visited your website but left before concluding a purchase. Why chase them? Because if you don’t, your competition will. Retargeting campaigns keep your products or services fresh in the memory of potential customers and entices them to go back to your site with irresistible offers tailored just for them.

Quantifiable success

Google Ads allows you to track all kinds of metrics, such as the number of impressions, click-through-rates, and conversions. You can learn to a particular detail not only which ads are working best but when they did, up to the hour of the day. You can see what keywords people were looking for when they saw or interacted with your ads, what type of devices they were using, and even get some anonymous demographic data such as gender, household income, and parental status so that you can refine your ads. With Google Ads, you can even see how your ads are doing compared to those of your competitors and get recommendations.

Need Help?

All the information on the Google Ads dashboard is there to help you better allocate your online advertising budget, but let’s be honest: it can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose and so many charts and numbers to attend, learning how to manage your Google Ads campaign efficiently can rob precious time from your schedule. The solution? Pass the burden to us. We can set up your campaign from scratch or review your existing one and improve it.

We can help with all this:

Set up new campaigns

Whether you have a new business or an up and running one, we can help you increase your website traffic from the very first week.

Reviewing your existing campaigns and make improvements

We’ve inherited campaigns so well executed that we just want to frame them. And then we’ve seen real carnage.

Keyword Research and recommendations

Because with Google Ads you pay for keywords in an auction process, betting on the most popular ones isn’t always the best strategy.

Campaign Optimization

Choosing the right keywords and creating a catchy ad are only the first steps. Who is your audience? What time of the day do most searches occur? Where are your ads leading to? There are many details to consider for a successful campaign.

Theming keywords into ad groups

Even if you sell all kinds of fruit, you don’t want to offer a pear when people are looking for pineapples. By organizing your keywords into ad groups, we ensure that only those of your ads truly relevant for what people search appear on their search results.

Keyword Match type recommendations

Sometimes a broad match is better than a precise one. Sometimes is the complete opposite, so that you can avoid spending money on advertising. Depending on the specifics of your target audience we can help you choose the right level of exactness.

Negative Keyword research & recommendationsCTA

There are some customers you don’t want to attract. Like those looking for baseball bats when what you sell are real flying bats.

Removal of low-performing Keywords

Because you want every dollar to be well spent.

Create attractive and converting ad copy with a strong call to action (CTA):

Forms that are too lengthy or with too many calls to action (CTA) may annoy or confuse customers and shoo them away. To sell, you have to tell a story first. We know how to engage and persuade.

Set up Extensions

Extensions are snippets of relevant information that you can add directly to your ads: Address, telephone number, and direct links within your website. They are especially useful for users doing searches on mobile devices because with one click they can get directions or call you.

Split test ad text for best click-through rate (CTR)

Imagine that you want to change your website background color from a soft blue to a vibrant purple, but you also want to know if the change will affect your customers’ behavior. With split testing, you can divert traffic to two different pages in your website to measure changes in the level of engagement

Removal of poor performing ads

Some ads try their best, but not all can do the cut. We don’t hesitate when it’s time to eliminate them.

Adwords Search Network recommendations

Show your best line precisely when your audience needs it.

Adwords Display Network recommendations

Because love enters through the eyes and the eyes, tend to wander toward the colorful and shiny.

Adwords Budget Recommendations

When the perfect campaign is not performing too well, it may be because you are spending too much on the wrong keywords or because you may be spending too little on the right ones. Figuring out the answer requires analysis and expertise. We have both!

Adwords Remarketing setup & optimization

Someone spent some time admiring your nicely embroidered vintage tablecloths but didn’t buy them? Follow them till they do! Capture back their attention witch dynamic ads that will appear on sites your customers visit in the future.

Adwords conversion tracking setup & monitoring

Tracking conversions is one of the best methods to see at a glance whether your campaign is giving you the results you expected. The process is straightforward for products or services that your clients can buy online: conversions express a ratio of the number of visits that turned into an actual sale. What about other completed actions you may want to trace such as phone calls, forms filled-up or downloaded apps? We can help set up all that.

Adwords Search Funnel Reporting

Conversions alone don’t tell the whole story. A search funnel report allows you to examine potential customer’s search behavior and understand what steps drove them into your website.

Adwords Reports Generation

How to make sense of a sea of data? With reports that present only the most relevant information in a manner that is both pleasant and easy to understand.

Landing Page Recommendations

The ad will drive customers to your virtual store but what they find there will make them stay. Make sure that landing pages match their expectations. We can help you build exceptionally good landing pages for opting in, sales, memberships, and subscriptions using ClickFunnels to maximize conversions.

Click-Fraud Monitoring

Prevent paying more for clicks to your ads coming from competitors or scammers.

Campaigns Optimization to get best ROI

(Optimization of keywords, ads, bids, and other settings) – Conversion (Sales) Tracking. Running a good Google Ads campaign is like fixing dinner. You can prepare fast a couple of baloney sandwiches to fill up the hole, or you can spend a whole afternoon making noise with those pots and pans and impress your guests with a stew that will make them lick their fingers. We can do impressive stuff fast and stretch every dollar.

Setup & Google Analytics Setup.

If it isn’t what you say but how you say it, how do you figure out how to say it? Google Analytics tracks your site visitors’ behavior allowing you to understand who they are and what is what they do when they interact with your website. What for? So that you can create a more compelling message. Simple example: It’s 2019. Should you spend some money on a mobile responsive website? If 99.99% of your visitors still come from a desktop computer, maybe you can wait another year. But if many of your visitors are using mobile devices, and that is affecting your bounce rate because most leave after realizing they cannot read your landing page, then spending money on a new website would be money well spent. How would you know? Google analytics can tell you.

Daily Monitoring & Tracking (Conversion Tracking, Analytic, etc…)

Remember the times when to evaluate the success of an advertising campaign you had to rely on surveys? We already forgot. Google Ads metrics allow you to monitor the development of your campaign as it takes place, tracking every impression, every click, and every conversion. Choosing the period is just a matter of pulling a drop-down menu. A plethora of valuable data to check every day so that you make educated decisions and get the most for your money.

Competitor Analysis, Sales / Leads Tracking & Improvements

What are your competitors doing? Using Google Ads, that’s for sure but who is outranking you? What keywords are they betting on? Wouldn’t you want to know?

Video and Youtube Ads

Yep, we can help you create those too.

Facebook Advertising & Retargeting

Why Facebook for Business?

There are 1.52 billion reasons why: the number of daily Facebook users, as of December 2018, which grows to 2.32 billion when you consider monthly active users.


Attract the Right Audience

Just like Google Ads and Bing and Yahoo Ads, with Facebook Advertising, you can target particular audiences. You’ve seen how they work. Facebook ads appear on a user’s news feed or on the space next to the user’s news feed if using a desktop computer, based on the user’s demographics (gender, age, location) and their interests. Users determine what these interests are as they like or interact with all kinds of content across time. For instance, if you are promoting a new spine-chilling zombie musical, you can choose to include in your audience people that have shown interest in zombies, horror comedies, and musicals. Facebook ads are not intent-based like Google Ads but interest-based. Users may not be looking to attend your musical when your ad shows on their newsfeed, but because the ad may align to their interests, it may entice them to get to know more. It works because that is precisely why we interact with social media: to get to know more about our friends, our community, and what is new out there in the world. Social media is the 21st Century method to make sure we’re not missing out. All from the comfort of our couch!


We can help with all this:

Page Promotion

Increase the number of visitors and the likelihood of engagement. Drive traffic to your website and generate more qualified leads. No Business Page yet? We can help you create one and manage it too

Promote Events on Your Page

Events are especially useful when you most of your business comes from off-line transactions, and you want your customers to meet your store in person, to arrange for educational meetings, or when you just want folks to attend your next party.

Adherence to Community Standards

Social Media may be your favorite place to fight those who don’t share your political opinions, but as for Facebook Ads, one has to keep it nice. We make sure your message is respectful and civilized, that it doesn’t include prohibited content, and that it cannot be misinterpreted.

Brand Safety

What your message contains is important but also the context. Where do users of the Facebook Audience Network see it? Your ad shouldn’t appear on site that may tarnish your reputation. We can help you prevent mishaps by actively selecting where your ads can and cannot appear.

Instagram Growth

What’s the use of having over 10,000 followers when 90% of them are just bots? You want real followers, with real money to make real purchases and who also have a genuine interest in the kind of products or services you sell. We can help you grow your Instagram audience the old fashion way, through social grooming: liking a post here, commenting on another one there so that we call the attention of potential followers, enticing them to start following you.

Select a Custom Audience to improve your ad delivery

Who do you want to visit your Page? Everybody? Attempting to attract everyone can be expensive. The secret to maximizing your return on investment is to get selective. For instance,  if you are a rendering artist, you want those working in architecture and interior design with an income high enough to pay for the quality of your services to see your ads. We can help you narrow your audience to a few relevant categories.

Extend your reach across Facebook’s Audience Network

Your customers are not always on Facebook. They also spend time on Instagram. Or Whatsapp. Or interacting with apps. Facebook’s Audience Network allows you to reach custom audiences in all kinds of ad interfaces off of Facebook so that you never lose an opportunity to catch their attention.

Comply with ad requirements

These are in addition to community standards and pertain mostly technicalities: picture sizes, video formats, and resolution, amount of text allowed. Relatively easy things that make you want to smash your head against the keyboard when it’s been two hours, and you don’t still don’t get them right!

Create, edit and publish Facebook Ads

Let the cobbler stick to his last. We have the best graphic designers, marketers, and copywriters. Persuasion is our second name.

Video advertising on Facebook:

Reach your audience where TV can’t at a fraction of the price.

Conversion Tracking

From installing the Facebook pixel and setting up conversions to reporting and recommendations.


Short and sweet or lengthy and precious? We come up with the right words to seduce your target audience. Read more about our copywriting services here.

Illustrations and Graphic Design

Nothing arrests attention like the perfect image. Research suggests that users are most likely to interact with posts accompanied by pictures, and while people are most likely to interact with posts that arouse emotions such as anger and sadness, they are most likely to share those with images suggesting a positive emotion, such as excitement and joy. Getting the right image takes an artist, of course. Don’t worry, we have a few on board.

AB Testing

Theory may suggest one thing, but reality can say another. We’ll test variants of your target audience, ad copy, and images to maximize your ROI and make sure that your message is as persuasive as it can be!

Remarketing campaigns

Reach users who have previously engaged with your business page or social profiles. You can show them ads explicitly tailored to them based on their interests. Your ads will appear to them as they browse on other sites that are part of Facebook’s Audience Network or as they search for terms related to your products on social media platforms. In our experience, ad remarketing is one of the best tools of Facebook Ads.

Video Captions

Why captions? Because we often interact with social media during situations where the sound is a no-no: while riding mass transit, at work, during that weekly meeting that always makes you doze off. Having captions increases the chances that users will watch your video in its entirety.

Branding advice

It is not what your product can do but how interacting with your product makes people feel. Check out our branding page to know more about our branding services.


Monitor the performance of your campaigns with thorough reports easy to understand.


Create the Right Message

A list of irrefutable facts based on hundreds of hours of research may sound like the best way to persuade your audience yet sometimes a catchy jingle can do a much better job. Or a story. It all depends on the stage where your audience is. We can help you decide the best route to persuasion.