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How did you find us?

Did you type “SEO company Los Angeles?” “SEO services Los Angeles?” Drive Traffic Media has one of the highest ranked websites on Google for the most searched terms for Search Engine Optimization in Los Angeles and Orange County since 2009. We are one of the top-ranked companies in Los Angeles on Yelp for SEO and online marketing with 37 five-star reviews.

We are good because we take our business seriously.

And we take our business seriously because we love it.

SEO is about increased visibility.

The Optimization part of SEO is about spreading your brand narrative across many platforms with the intention of improving the chances that your company will be found. 

We follow only Bing and Google’s best practices for organic SEO, and we never take shortcuts. We make sure not only that the search engine crawlers will find your website, which translates to higher rankings, but also that people will find the results relevant. Increased traffic is good, but what you want is more sales. We optimize your click-through-rate so that you can get more conversions.

Good SEO relies on using the right keywords (those that people are looking for) in original content published on high authority websites linking back to your site.

We achieve it through what we at Drive Traffic Media, call the four C’s: Constant Content Creation and Consistency. For a start, we do all our SEO posting manually—talk about dedication! We post only original content, on high authority websites—those that have earned a reputation of trustworthiness and expertise in a specific industry. We keep the flow constant and your narrative consistent. That is what Google wants, and for as long as Google remains on top, Google sets the rules on SEO services: Relevant and abundant content on the right spots.

For a free evaluation please give us a call at (310)341-3939 or fill out the form on this page or click here for the contact page. We will have an expert walk you through every step for a successful and fruitful campaign.

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Woman Increased visibility

Understanding you is the first step

In order to write relevant content, the first step is to get acquainted with the problem that your product or services solve, as well as with your current messaging and transmedia strategy. Do you not have a brand strategy? Do not fret. We can help with that too.

Choosing the right keywords is an art form

Once we are clear on what your company does and what your brand represents, we go hunting for keywords. With Google continually changing algorithm you must give preference to not overly marketed keywords because the opposite can be costly. Also, one must be selective on the positive and negative keywords to use. We check on your competitors to see what keywords are being successful while considering their potential impact on your budget.

Website Audit and Onsite Optimization

After we both agree on the right keywords to use, the next step is the onsite optimization of your website. Onsite SEO is about 15% of SEO but an essential step. Without the onsite optimization, you won’t achieve the first-page rankings that you crave. We start with a website audit.

The audit report will show how many words each page of your website needs. As you probably know, Google is the biggest bookworm online. Thus, the number of words on each page of your website will affect its ranking. The website audit will also include a detailed report on duplicate content, within your site and throughout the Internet.

The website audit will also report on broken links, 404 errors, correct setup of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster tools and much more. We usually do 60 plus optimizations (our secret sauce) to a website to make it an excellent running Google machine.

We write Only Original Content

Google has little tolerance for plagiarism, and those web-crawlers are honest to God tattletales. They don’t forgive anything! Duplicate content will need to be re-written so that it becomes original. The less original your content is, the less relevant that Google will find it during a web search and thus the lesser your chances to rank high. That means that if you copy text from your competitors, you will be doing them a favor. Compared to yours, their ranking will go up!

Search Engine Ad Campaigns

Now, what if what you do is so special new no one is searching for it (yet)? What you will need then to produce traffic is to lift brand awareness. An ad campaign through a search engine platform such as Google Ads (formerly Adwords) or Bing Ads, for the Bing and Yahoo search engines, might be a better option than just organic SEO. We will run your initial research for free as long as you have a budget for marketing, the report will take us up to an hour to two.

We are more than an SEO company

Besides offering the best SEO services in Los Angeles so that your company can rank higher in both Google and Bing, but we are also a full-service digital marketing, branding, and advertising agency. At Drive Traffic Media we are committed to maximizing your return on investment (ROI) when you entrust us with your online marketing efforts. Whether you need help with website design, Facebook Ads, Google Ads (formerly Adwords), email marketing, or social media management, we can handle it. Need to spruce up the copy in an old website? We can do that too!

And we are more than digital marketers. We are storytellers.

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing industry, but one thing that will never change is the persuasive power of stories. What is the point of enticing only spider-bots to improve your SEO when what you need is actual human eyeballs to make the purchases? At Drive Traffic Media,  we stay on top of Google’s ever-changing algorithm to satisfy the web crawlers demands and keep your company on the first page, but we also create meaningful content that both engages and persuades humans. Yep, we know how to pull the right strings.

For a free evaluation please give us a call at (310)341-3939 or fill out the form on this page or click here for the contact page. We will have an expert walk you through every step for a successful and fruitful campaign.

Understanding You is the first Step 6
Understanding You is the first Step 16
Understanding You is the first Step 5
Understanding You is the first Step 3
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Good SEO is about spreading your brand narrative across many platforms with the intention of improving the chances that your company will be found.

The natural next step is then to spread your brand message on the Internet. We will optimize your current social media sites—or set them up from scratch in case you don’t have any, or need assistance extending your social media network. Then we will set up many other websites for what comes next: offsite marketing. No man is an island, and no website should be one either. Social connections make us stronger, and the same applies to websites. All this work is crucial because it lays down the foundation for a successful SEO campaign. If you were a real estate investor, you would like to know that the beautiful brick stone building you fell in love with and into which you are putting your life savings has a strong foundation. What, with all those earthquakes in Los Angeles, you want to make sure that it will resist! You want a solid foundation that can handle all future changes in the marketing. Think about all the things you do to strengthen your real-life social network: You attend networking events, stay in touch with former colleagues, clients, and competitors. You subscribe to industry publications and travel across the country to conventions just so that you don’t lose touch of what’s going on.  The same applies to SEO services and digital marketing. You want to link with as many relevant sites as you can because, hey, you never know where from you will get that million dollar referral.

Once we set up the foundation, we will start marketing your website on and offsite. As said before, Google loves words, the fresher and more relevant the better. The key then is to promote your site with custom, original blog posts every month, then spread those blog posts through your social media networks and other relevant marketing websites, especially those focused on market serving Los Angeles and Orange County, the locations where you want to be found. Onsite blogging shows Google that you are a living and breathing entity. For these blog posts, you must use those keywords for which you want to be ranked for. It is essential, however, that those blog posts match your brand identity, stay relevant to what you do, and are useful to human readers. For instance, if you are an interior designer aiming to find more clients looking for rendering illustrations, just repeating those keywords over an over throughout a piece that may be grammatically correct but doesn’t make any sense won’t do. You want high-authority websites, relevant to your industry, to accept your blog posts. Thus, your blog posts must satisfy both those eight-legged bots working for Bing and Google, the web crawlers, and the humans that may read them. Yep, it’s a lot of research and writing. We never said that SEO strategy was easy, we’re just so good we make it look as if it was!

You will receive a monthly email report for everything we do. The first one will come on week 5 of your campaign. The report will also include a table showing how your website position evolves. The report will show changes on your web searching rankings from the day that your campaign started to the day we generate the report. At Drive Traffic Media, we are committed to transparency. Thus, you will have access to all accounts set up on behalf of your business. It is after all your company.

Ready to work with us? Give us a call now at (310) 341-3939 or fill out the form on this page, and we will contact back right away.

If you are our current client and you have a question or would like to be walked through a report and your SEO campaign progress, send us an email to set up a time for a call, webinar or even an in-person meeting. We love being accessible to our clients and potential clients. If you need a fast answer for an urgent question, please have your report ready so that we can provide a better response. As you can see in our reviews, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service since 2009. Establishing robust and long-lasting connections with our customers is a priority at Drive Traffic Media.

Social connection SEO services Los Angeles Drive Traffic Media
Man and Woman social connection SEO services Los Angeles Drive Traffic Media
Man and Woman Movie Night social connection SEO services Los Angeles Drive Traffic Media
Good SEO Branding and Digital Marketing Services Los Angeles

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is a marketing discipline that encompasses both technical and creative elements to improve rankings, drive traffic, and boost awareness of your business’ website in Google, Bing and other search engines. SEO has become a widely adopted strategy when it comes to online marketing because of its effectiveness. If you have ever used a search engine such as Google or Bing to search anything online; if you have ever asked Siri, Cortana or Alexa to find you a yummy restaurant nearby, you have experienced the benefits of SEO. Sites optimized to be found are found.

Maybe you get most of your clients from referrals, and business is enough to stay afloat. You still need to have your contact information, address, telephone number, and list of services online so that people can found you. When was the last time you consulted the Yellow Pages? Word of mouth has become digital. What do you say when you recommend someone’s services? You don’t write down their contact information, you just say: “Google, them.” The benefits of SEO services Los Angeles are vast. Even if your brand is so well-known that people have started using it as a verb, you still need online visibility, especially in a megalopolis such as Los Angeles. SEO can give you that. With a metro area covering almost 5,000 square miles and a population that approaches 20 million, you don’t want to get lost. You want to be found. With the right SEO company Los Angeles, your business can get thousands of visitors and increased attention.

SEO plays a significant role in the research and buying cycle. The customers-have-a-perfect-knowledge-of-the-market assumption from your Economic class has stopped being an assumption. Customers are continually studying the market, reading reviews and comparing prices, and this research takes place in real time because the Internet has become mobile.

Technology progresses. The Internet changes, but SEO remains an active and meaningful marketing strategy. Think about your own search behavior. How many times do you go to the second page of results? The third? The tenth? Most clicks go to the first few spots on the first page. If what we are searching for is not on the first page, instead of checking lower results we start a new search with different keywords. You want to be on the first page, preferably among the first 3 spots. Why? Because the higher you rank, the larger your return on investment.

Will it be expensive? It does not have to be. Good SEO services do not rely on buying expensive keywords but on improving the quality score of your content and betting only on those keywords that will bring you relevant results. Will it be tough? It can be. Writing fresh and original content relevant to your audience is a full-time job. Fortunately, Drive Traffic Media has the resources and the experience to provide excellent SEO and digital marketing services. We have been providing SEO services in Los Angeles and Orange County since 2009. We are successful because we make sure that you can be found where your customers are. We will direct them to the unique solutions that your business offers.

Exposure is good. Clicks are fantastic. But what you want is conversions, visits that translate to actual sales. The traffic to your site resulting from the SEO services that we provide is more qualified than that offered by many other marketing companies because we pay attention to what we do. You can fool the web crawlers, but you cannot fool people. Good keywords alone won’t give you the results you are looking for. You need the right keywords, within high quality, relevant content spread throughout. Are you up to the challenge? We are!

If you are ready to improve your search traffic but are unfamiliar with SEO, give Drive Traffic Media a call at (310) 341-3939 for a free quote or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. With offices in Santa Monica and Irvine, California, our SEO services are available for all businesses within the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

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