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Set Goals For SEO

Set Goals For SEO

Set Goals For SEO

Some business owners who don’t know very much about SEO Los Angeles might think of it as a way to boost their search rankings quickly to generate more sales. It is true that SEO can eventually help you increase revenue due to more potential customers entering your sales funnel, but to imagine that this process will happen immediately, like some magic trick, is unrealistic. When thinking about SEO, it is much better to set tangible goals.

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Be Specific In What You’re Trying To Achieve


Instead of looking at your overall goal of getting more sales, try breaking down your progress into smaller milestones. The bigger ones will come, but baby steps are necessary in the meantime. Try to get a certain number of organic visitors to come to your website per day, or per week. Then try for a certain number of leads in a day or week. Don’t think of ranking as number one for a certain amount of time as being a significant accomplishment. It is nice if you’re consistently ranking highly, but it’s useless to you if you’re not seeing substantial benefits from that ranking.


Study The Data


In trying to conceive of smaller goals for you to achieve on your way to larger ones, look at your website activity from an analytical perspective. Look at what attracted people to your site, and how much traffic your site got. What time of day had the most traffic, and what convinced someone to make a purchase?  Understand what’s working for you in your particular niche and what isn’t. That way you’ll be better able to tailor your website content so that visitors will like what they see there, will want to stay longer, and people who last time only visited will make a purchase the next time.


Are Your Goals Realistic?


Finally, ask yourself if the goals that you have set for yourself are realistic given everything you know about your niche and all the players involved: your business, your customers, and your competition. Are you ready to deal with heavier traffic if your SEO is working? Are you able to match up with the other businesses and websites online that offer similar products and services to yours? If you hit your goals, do you have the supply necessary to meet the demand?   


If you are satisfied with your answers to all of these questions, then you’re doing well. You often hear that looking at the big picture is desirable, but if you’re trying to be realistic about your goals and what it takes to get there, the smaller picture may be even more important. Lay out your strategy, be patient, and hit each of your incremental milestones, and the big picture victories will happen for you sooner than you might expect.