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Social Media Companies Can Help With Your Twitter Account

Social Media Companies Can Help With Your Twitter Account

Social Media Companies Can Help With Your Twitter Account


If your Los Angeles-based business has looked at social media companies to help you optimize your posts, then Twitter is probably going to be one of their focal points. Most companies have an active Twitter account, but how can you know if the strategy being used by your agency is going to get you the most interaction? This is what you want from the messages being sent out by your Twitter feed.


Short Messages


Twitter allows up to 280 characters, but that doesn’t mean each of your tweets should be that length, Los Angeles. Social media companies must know that where Twitter is concerned, they should only be using as many characters as it takes to convey simply and precisely what needs to be said for each message. Clarity is paramount. Can everyone understand the idea? Is it free of technical jargon that a layperson might not recognize? Is it free of spelling errors?


Encourage Conversation


Tweets should also be conversational. They should ask questions. They should encourage lively discussion, and when someone does respond to them, you should have someone always at the ready to reply quickly. Social media companies will assign one person to your account, or more than one if you have a larger company and many social media platforms. With Twitter, that person should be able to think on their feet, as the platform is about banter, a swift back-and-forth. However, they should also be able to speak not in their voice, but in the voice of your brand. You want to encourage conversation, but this person is also speaking for your company. You never want to tweet anything that is going to be regarded as offensive.


Don’t Automate Direct Messages


It might be tempting to automate your direct messages on Twitter, Los Angeles, but don’t ever do it. It’s irritating when you follow someone on Twitter and immediately you get a canned message of thanks for doing so. Automated direct messages are regarded as lazy, annoying, and most of all, impersonal. If social media companies want to reach out to one of your new followers, they can personalize the message, and they should be genuine about what they say.


Twitter can be highly useful as a promotional platform, Los Angeles, but a misworded or poorly conceived tweet can also torpedo someone’s career, or start a firestorm around your company. Be careful with what you say, and how you say it. It’s not a bad idea to take a look at some sample tweets from your social media agency before you put them in charge of your account. You want to make sure that you are on the same page with them. Twitter, like all of your other social media accounts, is meant to speak with your voice. It can be a publicity nightmare if you say the wrong thing.