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Social Media Companies In Los Angeles Often Use Third-Party Ad Software

Social Media Companies In Los Angeles Often Use Third-Party Ad Software

Social Media Companies In Los Angeles Often Use Third-Party Ad Software


When your business reaches out to social media companies Los Angeles, you are taking a proactive step toward becoming better organized and more efficient with your advertising efforts. Social media advertising can seem overwhelming if your in-house team is inexperienced and you are trying to advertise on multiple platforms simultaneously. It is in these sorts of situations that social media companies employ ad software. Whether they use first or third-party options, they know that this is the most time and cost-effective way of running a campaign.


The Best Third-Party Software Options


Third-party software is most helpful when your ad campaign is fairly significant in scope. Los Angeles businesses that are using half a dozen platforms, for instance, will likely have a sit down with social media companies to determine which software can do the following. They will want it to be able to track key success metrics like conversions and reach. It should be able to buy and place social media ads on several platforms at once. It should also offer a variety of tools for the creation and uploading of those ads.




Of the different third-party options that are on the market, Mailchimp is preferred by many social media companies because of its ease of use and versatility. It is an automation platform that is used by companies big and small. It can be used to send marketing emails, to manage targeted ad campaigns, and to automate various transactional messages. Their reports are also incredibly detailed, so your company can break down how many new customers you are getting and how much money you’re making at every stage of the campaign.




This is another popular option among social media companies in Los Angeles. It can be used for advertisers who want to manage their ads on Facebook, Bing, Google, and more with a single dashboard. It offers both PPC capabilities and paid social management. Simplicity is what Wordstream is all about. You can monitor ongoing campaigns with minimal effort, and highly customizable ad creation is possible as well.


Though these are two of the top options, there are dozens of others, some of which are suitable if your company is running a more specialized ad campaign that focuses on specific strategies or platforms. Whatever the case may be, Los Angeles businesses that hire social media companies and use third-party software are more likely to reach the engagement and sales numbers that constitute a successful campaign.