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Social Media Tools That Are Perfect For Digital Marketing Agencies

Social Media Tools That Are Perfect For Digital Marketing Agencies

Social Media Tools That Are Perfect For Digital Marketing Agencies


Several social media tools and platforms can make it easier to manage your various accounts, Los Angeles. If you’re part of a digital marketing agency and you find yourself swamped with tasks, and you’re falling behind in your social media obligations, then you can try some of these and simplify matters. They are ideally suited for if you’re representing several small or medium-sized businesses at the same time.


Sprout Social


Sprout Social comes with a free 30-day trial, and then there are different prices for the various service packages. It combines many social media accounts into one platform, which you can use as a command center to run things. You can do scheduling, monitoring, and you can use analytics to break down how each of your platforms is performing.


What sets Sprout Social apart from some of the other social media management tools, Los Angeles, is that it has a customer relationship management (CRM) feature. You can use it to create complete profiles of your customers. Based on that, you can build stronger relationships with them and serve them better. Probably the best feature of Sprout Social is its reports. You can often download them and send them to the higher ups in your company without having to edit them at all. That’s how intuitive and easy to understand they are.




Agorapulse is similar to Sprout Social in some ways, with reporting features, responding, and scheduling. What makes it unique is the competitor analysis feature. It can give you a detailed breakdown of how the social media platforms of your competitors are performing. You can try it for 14 days free, and after that, there are several different price points depending on which features you want.




You’ll like this social media management tool, Los Angeles digital marketing agencies. It was built for agencies with several different clients. With it, you can customize your dashboard according to your branding. It’s a smart way to attract new clients. There’s a Canva graphics editor included. You can also do YouTube searches with it, and there’s a royalty-free image search if you need some pics to help with an ad campaign you’re crafting. There are also automation features if you want to save some time doing monotonous tasks.


Los Angeles digital marketing agencies know that clients expect their social media accounts to be optimized, and they need engaging content sent out regularly. You can accomplish that much easier with these useful tools, and you should find their prices reasonable.