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Team Up With The SEO Company That Uses These Tools

Team Up With The SEO Company That Uses These Tools

Team Up With The SEO Company That Uses These Tools


There are multiple tools out there that help you with optimization for your website, Los Angeles. Some are probably more useful than others, and some cost you money, while others are free. If you have an SEO company that you’ve hired to fix up your site, one of the things you should ask them before they get to work is whether they know how to use some of these tools. If they don’t know about them, they should familiarize themselves. The following are some of the most useful tools for SEO that are currently available, and they cost nothing to use.


Where Goes?


Where Goes? is a tool you can use which reveals the redirect path for any URL, Los Angeles. You first paste in a URL, and it will show you what type it is, 301, 302, etc. It will then show you how many redirects are in the chain. The idea is for you minimize the number of redirects because it’s going to slow down your site and cause your visitors to become frustrated. This is the perfect tool for an SEO company to use that is trying to speed up loading times for your pages. Too many redirects confuse the Google bots, and that’s never going to be to your benefit. There are some SEO Chrome extensions with this same functionality, but we prefer Where Goes? for its simplicity of use.


Whitespark’s Google Business Review Link Generator


Here’s another useful SEO tool your agency should know about, Los Angeles. It produces a shareable link that allows customers to review your business with one click. Getting positive reviews is a huge boost for the visibility of your website, so you should take advantage of any opportunity that allows you to get them. You can share the link on social media; you can send it via email to your customers, and you should generally do everything else that you can to make sure that your niche has access to it. Your SEO company will find it free to use, and getting those ratings and reviews for your business is likely to pay significant dividends.


Portents SERP Preview Tool


This is a tool that you can use to see how your webpage will look in Google’s search results, Los Angeles. You enter your URL, your proposed title, and the meta description, and it will instantly generate a preview. Through the use of this tool you can see if your title is too long, or your description. By fixing these issues, you’ll avoid truncation in the search results. There’s also It’s an alternative that some SEO agencies prefer.


You’ll be in good shape once you know your SEO company is using these tools, Los Angeles. Talk to them about their methodology in optimizing your site. There are preferred ways of doing it, and there should be full transparency for the process. If your agency does not want to reveal their methods to you, that is a potential red flag.