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The Most Significant Social Media Trends In 2020

The Most Significant Social Media Trends In 2020

The Most Significant Social Media Trends In 2020


Are you planning to work on social media marketing in Los Angeles this 2020? These are the most significant social media trends that you need to know.

Here is an overview of the biggest social media trends in 2020.

# 1: Social media will return to its roots

Social media is going back to its roots–moving away from mass marketing tools and towards a personal, communication-driven approach.

Social media in Los Angeles is increasingly focusing on these components: paid advertising, customer service, expiration, an intimate “story” and group messaging (instead of email).

In the year 2020, we will see consumers begin to use public social media LESS, even as social media usage itself continues to rise.

# 2: Internet influencer marketing must be authentic

Although influencers can still play a massive role in attracting new audiences and creating new content, the key is the authenticity of the partnership.

Viewers can detect when partnerships between brands and influencers are forced, know when they are being sold to, and become bored by everything in the process. Just because a brand has social visibility or has a large following does not mean that it can be marketed automatically. 

It is reported that 47% of customers are tired of real influencer content, while 62% of customers believe that influencers make use of an impressive audience. 

If you are going down the road of influencer marketing, just make sure that you are combining things in a thoughtful, organic way. 

# 3: Brands need a voice

With so much competing information on the web and brand decisions to make, it’s easy to lose your voice in the jumble–and that’s the factor that makes your audience fall in love with your brand in the first place.

Social media marketing must go back to the basics, which means developing a personality for your posts. This will not only please your audience but it will also make publishing decisions easier. With a specific voice in mind, you can streamline your marketing strategies. 

# 4: Social media will be part of everyone’s job

Social media has become a significant part of business strategy for more than a decade. Gone are the days when Facebook-usage only happened during lunch breaks.

In today’s world, businesses thrive because of their presence and impact on social media. Like other disruptive technologies, social media has emerged from the new era and entered an age that requires social media proficiency to be part of everyone’s job.

Your employees are the most significant social media asset. When a brand’s employees post information about the product or service, 45% of consumers are more likely to research the product or service.

Social media skills transcend marketing and communication roles.

Even for points that are not directly related to the content (messaging, design, leads, sales, or services), we still require social media to drive our internal communications efforts.

Employee advocacy programs remain a popular trend for businesses. Companies must provide employees with social media policy guidelines and resources to help them acquire social media skills because, in today’s business environment, this technology is as widespread as email. 

# 5: Strong user opposition will intensify

The trend to watch out for in 2020 is a strong opposition from users, which is caused by the current political climate. 

In social media news, political battles continue through cat memes, sports highlights, and family photos. Americans exist in an environment impacted by political investigations and presidential elections.

It doesn’t matter how much time people collectively spend on social networks; their spending habits and choice of platform will still be impacted by this political climate within the next year.

This will influence marketers’ decisions to move their target audience from one social media platform to another. It will also force marketers and community managers to dive deeper into dark social spaces (Messenger, WhatsApp, Groups), where viewers take refuge.

# 6: Social media will continue to dominate B2B content marketing

In 2019, social media was the top organic distribution channel for B2B content marketing and the top paid distribution channel for B2B content marketing.

This trend in B2B shows no sign of abating, which means that marketers will have to continue investing in social media for content marketing. Also, it is essential for marketers that the strategy on each social media channel is unique and meets the needs of their specific audience. 

#7: The use of messaging apps will continue to rise

As public social media usage declines, the use of messaging applications will continue to grow, including platforms like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

These applications bring many new opportunities (and challenges) to marketers. The reward for following these trends is having billions of active monthly users, including coveted Millennials and Generation Z consumers.

These are the expected social media developments in 2020. What are your thoughts about these trends? You can tell us in the comments section!