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The Pros of Online Advertising

The Pros of Online Advertising

The Pros of Online Advertising


Almost every business these days has an online presence. If you don’t, it’s time to revise your business marketing strategy as online advertising is one of the critical aspects to ensure your business growth. 

Why online advertising 

First thing first, we need to ask ourselves: how good is online advertising? Most of the customers nowadays have an online presence, and it’s a complete no-brainer. Today people watch, shop, buy, and order online. They read online, and they learn online. 

If you are a smart entrepreneur, you will definitely see this as an opportunity to scale your business as this is an instant opportunity to generate leads. While businesses are growing digitally, they bounce off each other in the digital world. 

Sure, printing an ad in the newspaper sounds appealing, but if no one bothers to read it, what’s the point? Let’s put this simply, a blog and your social media presence is almost an online version of your printed newspaper. If you get this, you will better understand the value of online advertising, which is made easier with the help of social media marketing Orange County

You can use blog and social media to achieve almost every business goal. For example, you can write about your upcoming offer on your blog and post it on your social media. You can also create some engaging videos on YouTube. Not only this, but you can also post the links to your social media channels as well as embed the video into your blog posts, landing pages or even emails. You can use all these channels to announce your last minute offers while creating some hustle so that the customers can act instantly. 

While both the blog and social media are trending, you cannot overlook the importance of email marketing. An email that contains a video has a higher open rate than an email without any video. Social media marketing Orange County agency ensures lead generation using it’s proven online marketing strategies. 

It reaches your targeted audience

Unlike campaigns on television or newspaper where you reach thousands of people irrespective of their interest or disinterest in your product or service, online advertising allows you to reach your target audience, giving you the opportunity to generate leads easily. 

When you do the target marketing via online advertising, the click-through rates are higher and at least fifty percent of the people will respond to your ad. Good thing is, most of the target marketing tools have allowed businesses to concisely target the audience. For example, if your ad is about men’s shaving kit, this ad won’t show up to women. If a great ad copy is in place, chances are the audience will respond instantly. Such specific features of online advertising distinguish it greatly from traditional marketing. 

Online advertising is customer-centric 

While traditional advertising was forced upon the customers, online marketing isn’t. If you don’t want to see an ad, you can skip it right away without giving it a second thought. Even if this seems a hard job, you can install ad blockers, so that you won’t see any of the ads even on the pages and tabs that you browse. However, if the ads do not bother you, then you can leave them be.  

Online advertising is inexpensive 

If you had run television ads, you would know how expensive they are. On the other hand, an online ad is very inexpensive regardless of whether you place it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Even if you are going to run a paid campaign, it will be far less costly compared to a traditional television ad. Moreso, you can get great results from online advertising due to the various reasons mentioned earlier. Compared to tv ads, you will be astonished by the results of online ads. What’s more, you can do most of the online advertising for free, until you want to specifically target your audience based on various parameters. You can target the audience based on parameters like age, profession, income, gender, and location.

An online ad is more engaging 

Have you ever taken time to compare an online ad with the tv ads? If the answer is a ‘Yes’ you will know how engaging an online ad is. You will see an online ad more than a single form, for example, once you see an ad it will convince you to take a quiz. And, sometimes such tasks are entirely irresistible. Once you complete such quizzes, they offer you personalized gifts based on your answers. Who doesn’t love gifts? 

It is only a single example, and different businesses come up with various perks to make their customers fall in love with the. All these approaches are fun ways to get creative with advertising helping companies to increase customer engagement and generate leads. 

Many businesses use cute, snappy videos to increase audience engagement that tends to improve lead generation. 

Access to unlimited information 

While traditional ads allow the viewers to access only a single ad, today most of the businesses provide limitless information for its audience by giving access to their website and all other social media channels. They can get information about your product details, prices, and time of delivery. Al has allowed customers to know each and every aspect of the product before they could make any purchase decision. 

Think about how the famous movie Marvel was marketed, allowing its users to research almost everything about it. 

Global coverage 

A newspaper or TV advertising may receive plenty of information, but specifically from a single location. If you want it to reach an extended area, it is going to cost you more than you can even imagine. To do that you will have to set a huge chunk of budget. However, an online advertising doesn’t limit you to market your services or products to a specific region, until you yourself choose it for target marketing.

Think about how people are able to raise funds from all across the world for charity projects. Whatever your cause, whether it is for profit or not, social media marketing Orange County can help you achieve your goals.