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The SEO Services Your Agency Provides Should Include Social Media

The SEO Services Your Agency Provides Should Include Social Media

The SEO Services Your Agency Provides Should Include Social Media


If your Los Angeles business has hired an agency that is going to provide you with SEO services, then they should be experts in many different areas. They should be able to get more people to come to your website. They should be able to set up a sales funnel, and they should also be able to optimize your social media feeds.


On the subject of social media, though, it is worth touching on one of the biggest stories of the past couple of years. Facebook, while still massively popular, was back in the news for all the wrong reasons, as the data-mining company Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal data from millions of Facebook accounts without their consent. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg received a lot of bad press, and questions were once again raised about privacy issues.


Why should this matter to your company? The reason is that when this sort of thing happens, it makes your followers and fans wary about sharing personal information with you. Whether it is on your website or through your social media platforms, you need to try harder than ever to establish transparency and personal connections. Without that, many of your potential customers will disengage.


How to Build Trust


One way that your Los Angeles SEO company can try to establish trust is by being as upfront as possible regarding what they’re doing and not doing with customer personal information.


As you are marketing to them, you need to try to get them engaged in conversation rather than have the interaction be one-sided. You need to be clear that you aren’t going to participate in any data mining with the purpose of selling or sharing their information.


When asked what they were most nervous about on Facebook and other social media platforms, what people brought up were things like invasion of privacy, their data being sold or shared without their knowledge, getting bombarded with unsolicited ads or messages, and the possibility of contracting internet viruses.


If you aim to get people to trust your brand, you should emphasize the safety measures that you take to make sure that they won’t get viruses by stopping by your website. State explicitly that you won’t share their data, and that you will only send them emails if they indicate that they’re okay with that.


You must make sure that your business does not make a pest of itself by sending out too many emails, and that your fans feel comfortable with sharing personal information about themselves. It may not be easy. Social media has burned people too many times, and you’re going to have to go out of your way to convince your fans that you’re different than some other companies.


If you can build trust to the point that your followers are buying from you regularly, then you know that the SEO services and social media campaigns for which your agency is responsible have been worth it. Your Los Angeles business can thrive, and you can plan for the future knowing that you have a customer base that will support you as you expand.