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Tools for Creating Better Social Media Graphics

Tools for Creating Better Social Media Graphics

Tools for Creating Better Social Media Graphics


To get engagements on social media for your Los Angeles business has become ever more difficult now. With quality content, you need some beautiful graphics to get users’ attention. According to research, posts with beautiful graphics get double engagements while on twitter tweets with images get 150% retweets than text. This study clearly indicates beautiful graphics are very important to get a good response from the audience.

There are a lot of free websites offering you beautiful stock images to post on social media but to create beautiful graphics you definitely need a dedicated design tool. There are a number of software programs out there with a lot of advanced features. Many software programs are free while others offer you a cheap license. In the below article of 5 mint read I will be explaining some trending tools to design social media graphics. 


When it comes to design social media graphics tools, none other than Canva can be the best choice. With more than 10 million around the globe Canva most flexible and simple to use tool. With the help of Canva, you can get thousands of templates and visual assets for free. Canva offers you a large number of free fonts to create your own style of text. Canva gives you a large number of features when you subscribe to its premium plan for just $9.95 per month.

If you are not using Canvas for your graphic design your missing it. Canva offers you a beautiful and simple interface. You can drag and drop objects to design eye-catching graphics in your own way. In addition to custom dimensions, Canva helps you do design images by offering built-in post sizes for various social media platforms.


Piktochart is another trending platform to offer you professional graphic design. Especially to design Infographics, which are the most trending media to interact with the audience. Piktochart is a useful tool. Infographics help you to portray multiple objects in a system to convey a better message to the users. Infographics work much better than traditional stock images. 

Like in Canva Piktochart also allows you to create a beautiful graphic design with the help of free templates. If you are new to graphics design you may use the free version at the start but If you need advanced level features you can subscribe to the paid versions for $15 and $29 per month respectively. The better version you use the more features Piktochart will offer to you to create eye-catching designs.


Snappa allows you to create shareable and polished graphic design in no time. It is a single purpose and easy to use the tool. If you need simple and beautiful graphics to get engagements on your social media page, take no time to use Snappa. It offers you a large number of templates to help you in creating various size graphics for different social media platforms.

Snappa is not suitable for the new users as it offers very limited options in its free version. In its free trial, Snappa allows you to edit only 5 graphics and you can’t save them as well. So if you’re an expert graphic designer and you want to access advanced features use the premium version of  Snappa which is for $10 per month.


As its name indicates Infogram is a tool specially built to support infographics design.  Like Piktochart Infogram is very handy in designing beautiful infographics to sketch big processes and systems on a single image. Infogram offers you more than 35 different formats to present your data on your Los Angeles social media page.

As with other tools, Infogram offers you three types of subscriptions. The free trial and the premium one. If you are a new user, its free version will work best for you. For entry-level users, Infogram offers sufficient themes and layouts to choose from. The next version is $19 per month which adds some more features to the new version. If you are an expert graphic designer and need really advanced features you can subscribe to the pro version of $67 per month.


Pablo is just another tool to create eye-catching graphics for social media. It is designed by Buffer Inc to help users in editing the brand images. Pablo helps you to create graphics for various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can adjust contrast and overlay text to create the ideal graphics. You can choose an existing image or upload it from the computer to edit it.

Unlike other platforms, Pablo has a chrome extension. It’s more than a click away to browse your favorite stock images. In addition to that Pablo is completely free and you even do not need any paid subscription to take advantage of all the advanced features. Isn’t it awesome? Pablo allows you to create a super easy design in one click even without spending a penny.