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Two Emerging Social Media Trends In Los Angeles

Two Emerging Social Media Trends In Los Angeles

Two Emerging Social Media Trends In Los Angeles


As social media continues on its trajectory, Los Angeles businesses have the responsibility of keeping up with the trends. If they don’t, then they’re not going to see the ROI from their advertising that is so vital for a thriving company. These are some of the predictions for social media platforms that we should see over the next few months.


The Power of YouTube Influencers


Influencer marketing is something of which companies need to be aware. If you aren’t yet in contact with anyone who you think has their finger on the pulse of your particular niche, then you need to start putting out some feelers.


Influencers via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram seem to have gotten most of the attention to this point, but the next platform to explode in this regard is probably going to be YouTube.


YouTube is only seeing higher engagement numbers as time goes on, and some businesses see success by coming up with videos to post on your channel.


However, there’s another way to get the attention for your brand that you’re seeking. You can see who’s the most popular freelance influencer in your niche, and then you can reach out to see about forming a partnership.


The most significant benefit of doing this is that if you can form a relationship with the influencer, then you’re already getting their built-in network of subscribers. If the influencer then says that one of your products is great and makes a video about it, then you could see an immediate spike in sales. It’s something to consider, Los Angeles.


More Voice Search


Companies who have been slow to think about the effects of voice search can no longer afford to be that way. That is because the voice search market is growing exponentially, as is the need for optimizing your websites so that you’ll rank highly in Google when it is used.


As far as voice search and social media, the connection might not be immediately evident, but if you think about it, you’ll see how they’re connected. What some companies might not realize is that when someone asks a question of Siri or Alexa, some of the results will come back from social media platforms.


If you know this, then you can optimize your social media offerings as much as you do your website. If you make cupcakes, and someone is using voice search on Facebook to find cupcake places nearby or the highest rated cupcake makers in their city, you want to be the first result that comes up.


This is going to be especially critical for companies running AdWords campaigns. If that’s you, formulate your campaign in such a way that you’re implementing the search terms that a customer is likely to be using through voice search. It’s no longer a niche market. It’s becoming more mainstream every day.


These are only a couple instances of how social media is changing at the moment. There are plenty more changes coming, and if you’re spending major ad dollars, you need to have the people on your staff who can spot these emerging trends and take advantage of them. Either that, or hire an SEO company to do the work for you.