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What Unlikely Media Platforms Are Useful For Marketing?

What Unlikely Media Platforms Are Useful For Marketing?

What Unlikely Media Platforms Are Useful For Marketing?


Most business owners know about the largest social media platforms and the marketing potential they have, Los Angeles. There’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. There’s Pinterest, and there’s LinkedIn. The list goes on and on. But what about any up-and-comers that have yet to gain the notoriety of these heavyweights? There are lots of other social media apps and sites of various kinds. Are any of them worth your time if you’re running a marketing campaign? Here are two possibilities at which you might want to take a look, Los Angeles.




To be sure, people have heard of Yelp, but they might not think of it as a social media marketing tool. However, it deserves mentioning because of the way that it can be used to monitor your brand’s image. Yelp’s visitors are looking for people who can confirm whether your company is trustworthy or not.


It’s true that you can’t send messages out to hundreds or thousands of people via Yelp like you can with Facebook or Twitter. However, you can interact with people who give you positive reviews by thanking them, and you can reach out to people who have had negative experiences with your company by trying to solve whatever problem they had. This is a suitable way to demonstrate that you care about your company’s image, Orange County, and people appreciate that their concerns are being addressed.




Facebook owns WhatsApp, but it operates independently of them. It’s an Android app that is free to download, and it uses the internet to send images and audio and video messages. It has become popular with teens primarily because of location sharing, voice messaging, and group chatting features. WhatsApp use has increased substantially in the past few years, and this growth shows no signs of stopping, even though the app is not as widely known as Instagram or Snapchat.


It wouldn’t be a poor idea to look into setting up a business account with them, Orange County, particularly if your products are geared toward a younger demographic. You can use some of the same tactics there that you would with other social networks. Post interactive content like quizzes, surveys, and games. A post going viral via Whatsapp can be worth a lot to you in terms of market penetration.  


You owe it to yourself to keep looking into emerging social media platforms if you want to capture the most attention for your brand, Orange County businesses. Your marketing efforts will only be effective if you can figure out where your audience is spending their time, and that means continually watching for new social media platforms that are rising to prominence.