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How To Use Pinterest To Great Effect

How To Use Pinterest To Great Effect

How To Use Pinterest To Great Effect


You may have heard that Pinterest can be of use in your advertising efforts, Los Angeles, but you might be unclear about where to start. If you’ve thought about hiring social media companies who claim to know how to use Pinterest, here are some topics you should bring up with them so you can get an idea of whether they’re the best choice for the job. If they don’t know how to do any of the following, use someone else.


Optimize Pinterest SEO


Pinterest isn’t just a social network. It is also a search engine. Because of that, you need to use keywords with it just as you would with your website if you were trying to draw attention to it. If you were a social media manager, for instance, all three of those words should be featured prominently when you label your pins. You will definitely want to use keywords in your name, in your profile description, and within your pin content.  


Keyword Research


The social media companies you are considering should also know how to do keyword research, just as they would if they were creating a Google AdWords ad for you. One way to do this is by typing in search terms for which they feel your audience might be looking. If the first words they use don’t come up with pins related to your services or products, they’ll need to go back to the drawing board. Luckily, Pinterest will make suggestions to them that should make their job easier.


Use Multiple Different Types of Pinterest Ads


If the social media companies stick to just one sort of Pinterest ad, you probably won’t get the best results from your campaign, Los Angeles. They can use promoted pins, which are the most simple and easy to set up. They appear in a user’s feed with the “promoted by” message next to them. There are also video pins, which look like regular pins, but as the user scrolls over them, they automatically start playing. With how popular video is these days, these ads are a must. Then there are one tap pins, which take the user straight to your website with a single tap. If you want to have a fully optimized campaign, your social media company should be using all of these.


Pinterest is not so difficult to use for advertising if the social media company you chose has had some previous experience with the platform. You want to be sure of that before you hire them, though. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your time while the company you hired tries to learn on the fly. This is an area where prior experience does make a difference.