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Ways To Help Your Small Business

Ways To Help Your Small Business

Ways To Help Your Small Business


Small businesses in Los Angeles face an uphill battle to get noticed and carve out a place for themselves. The owners know that they need to try and get to the top of the Google SERPs, and that’s why they often hire an SEO company.


But what can those SEO companies do that is sure to help a small business that is trying to get noticed in the local market? Local SEO is the answer. Local SEO differs from the regular variety in that it is specifically tailored toward a particular geographic location. Let’s examine some of the more popular local SEO techniques that agencies should try to implement.


Landing Pages that are City-Specific


Your landing page is one of the more critical parts of your website, Los Angeles. It’s the first thing that people see when they arrive, and it should proclaim loud and clear what your company is all about.


Your landing page needs to be optimized, but if you’re a small business and you want people to think of you when they think of your geographic region, your SEO company will need to set it up a bit differently than they might for a larger company.


They’re going to need to include keywords on the page that have to do with your state, your city, and the neighborhood in which you are located. If they can think of ways to mention local landmarks, historical figures, or even contemporary figures from your community, they should do so.


FAQ Pages


Most website owners don’t think about their FAQ pages as being very useful for SEO purposes, but they are. That is because they are a place where a lot of keywords are naturally going to fit in, and they’re a great spot to implement some local SEO as well.


Your SEO company should try to answer common questions that people have on this page, and they should do it in a way that talks about your company in the context of your community.


If you have a business that makes custom tee-shirts, for instance, you can answer a question about whether you offer discounts for bulk orders by talking about how you made a batch of a hundred shirts for the baseball team of one of the local high schools.


FAQ pages are natural places to slip in some local SEO, and Google will take notice and rank you highly for it. When people are searching for things near to them on their mobile devices, you have a great shot of being featured in a rich snippet.


Local SEO for smaller Los Angeles businesses matters quite a lot, and your SEO company should prioritize it. They can do so by thinking small. Every company might have ambitions of dominating the world, but they need to start by getting noticed in their own little corner of it.