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Ways Your Los Angeles SEO Agency Can Leverage On Intent-Based Keywords

Ways Your Los Angeles SEO Agency Can Leverage On Intent-Based Keywords

Ways Your Los Angeles SEO Agency Can Leverage On Intent-Based Keywords


If you have a company based in Los Angeles and you approach an agency that provides SEO services, one of the top priorities for you is likely going to be the creation of keyword lists. If this agency is going to be giving your website a facelift, then they’ll need to come up with keywords for which the customers in your niche are searching, and they’re going to need to feature them prominently on your landing page and your various product pages.

But while finding keywords is useful, what’s even more vital is finding keywords that are intent-based. Intent-based keywords are the ones that people are inclined to use when they are looking to purchase services or products. It’s nice when people come to your website, but the ones that you need to snag are those who are ready to buy rather than browse. Here are some ways that your Los Angeles SEO agency can locate and leverage those sorts of keywords.

Core Keywords

The first thing they’ll need to do is locate so-called “core keywords.” These are the ones which make up the core of long-tail phrases that your potential customers might be employing. Your SEO agency can use keyword research tools for help in this area. Google Keyword Planner is an excellent place to get started, but they might also use Answer the Public, Google Suggest Expander by Yoast, and also Ubersuggest.

Related Searches and People Also Ask

To get further ideas of intent-based keywords, your Los Angeles SEO agency can next look at Related Searches and People Also Ask, conveniently provided right there on the page by Google. They can compile a list of further, tangential keywords to what they already have by looking at those two areas. These are fundamental SEO services, but not all agencies know to do these things, so make sure that yours is skilled in this area.  

Informational versus Commercial Intent

At this point in the process, your SEO company should have a fairly long list of keywords going. But now they’ll need to modify it still further to determine which keywords your site absolutely must rank for if you’re going to get those valuable sales. That means figuring out keywords that have informational intent versus commercial.

Informational intent keywords won’t be as valuable to you, because these are the ones that people are using when they want to find out about a product. Commercial intent means they’re ready to buy, and those are the searchers who you want to attract.

Informational intent queries might look like “how do I use product name” or “how does product name work?” Commercial queries will be things like “best product name” or “compare product name.” The difference is subtle but critical.

Los Angeles SEO companies that provide optimal services are those who know how to whittle down your keyword list until only the most valuable ones remain. If they’re taking a lot of time trying to get you to rank for keywords or phrases that don’t matter as much, then all of their efforts are going to do a minimal amount of good for you. Work smarter, not harder, as the saying goes, and that should be true for your SEO company as well as your own business.