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Ways Your SEO Company Can Quickly Increase Your Conversion Rate

Ways Your SEO Company Can Quickly Increase Your Conversion Rate

Ways Your SEO Company Can Quickly Increase Your Conversion Rate


One of the most common reasons that companies in Los Angeles hire an SEO company is because people are visiting their website, but they aren’t converting. This can be incredibly frustrating for a business. People are coming to your site via your social media feeds and word-of-mouth, but then you can’t quite get them to pull the trigger and purchase any of your products. Here are some changes your agency can make to your site that can get you some sales.

Add a Headshot

If you’re the owner or the operator of the company, get a professional headshot of yourself, and include it somewhere close to the contact information. This demonstrates that you’re a real person and that your company is not some faceless corporation. It’s a way for your business to seem trustworthy, Los Angeles.

A Single-Column Layout

If your business website is using a double-column layout for your landing page and your product pages, you probably set it up that way because you wanted to save space. However, many studies have shown that a single-column layout is more visually appealing to visitors, and they’re more likely to convert when they see one. It’s a simple SEO tactic for your site that can boost your sales numbers.

Directional Cues

You should never assume that a person who arrives at your site is an expert at navigating web pages, Los Angeles. Some people are not pros when it comes to using technology, so you should have clear directional clues that tell them where to go to find things. A subtle but noticeable arrow indicating where a person should go next on their way to making a purchase will help guide potential customers along.

Live Chat

If you have an SEO company, you should have one of their employees standing by to do live chatting, since most customers expect that now, at least during regular business hours. If you feel like the SEO company employees don’t know enough about your brand to speak for your business, have one of your company employees do it.

These might seem like small alterations, but when taken overall, they convey that you care about your site visitors and you value their business, Los Angeles. Make sure that every part of your website is intuitive, and you’ll be able to convince some of your fans who were shying away from buying something that the time is right for them to convert.