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What a Digital Marketing Agency Can Tell You About Boosting Online Sales

What a Digital Marketing Agency Can Tell You About Boosting Online Sales

What a Digital Marketing Agency Can Tell You About Boosting Online Sales


E-commerce is something that might be a focus for you even if you’re a company in Los Angeles that has a brick-and-mortar location, or more than one. You should certainly have the aim of getting people to walk in your doors, but many businesses have also incorporated an element of online sales into their plans.

If that’s the case with your company, then you might have considered hiring a digital marketing agency with the idea of getting yourself more online attention. It’s not a bad idea, as digital marketing agencies will likely bring all sorts of strategies to the table, some of which you may not have considered. However, even if you’re still on the fence about whether to hire one of these agencies, you can heed these words of advice that we gathered from talking to some of the top ones in Los Angeles.

Honesty in Your Copy

It seems obvious that you should be honest with the way you describe your services and products, but you’d be surprised how many companies feel the need to embellish about what they bring to the table. The thought might be that they’re trying to distinguish themselves from competitors in their niche.

If you have the urge to do this, though, resist it. If you promise product features on which you can’t deliver, the word is quickly going to get out that your company isn’t trustworthy.

Trust Signals and Customer Testimonials

If you use Amazon, then it’s highly likely that you read or at least glance at some of the customer reviews for a product before you buy, Los Angeles. If a product has five stars and thousands of reviews, then that speaks well for its quality, and you’ll likely buy it over a product that costs a similar amount but only has three stars.

Customer reviews and testimonials should be prominently featured on your website as well, as more than one digital marketing agency mentioned to us. You can also make use of so-called trust signals, like a recommendation by the Better Business Bureau or membership to your local chamber of commerce.

Ad Extensions

If you’re advertising with Bing or AdWords, Los Angeles businesses, then you can use ad extensions to make your ads bigger, with more places to click. They’re more noticeable that way, and doing so doesn’t cost you any more than you were already spending. This is a simple trick, but it has been demonstrated to improve click-through rates for many ads and companies.

E-commerce is both the present and future, with more people who were once hesitant to do it now getting on board. It’s likely that physical stores will always have a place in society, but the trend toward online buying shows no signs of slowing. You should do all that you can to take advantage of that, and you should put serious consideration into hiring a Los Angeles digital marketing agency if you don’t have a great deal of confidence in your creativity in this area.