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What’s Next For SEO?

What’s Next For SEO?

What’s Next For SEO?

What’s the future of SEO Los Angeles? It’s a critical question to ask if you’re part of an internet marketing agency. When asking it, part of what you mean is what is the future of Google. The two are intrinsically linked. Where the search engine giant goes, SEO techniques will follow. Let’s look at what’s going to be a focal point for Google moving forward.

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Voice Search Is On The Rise

In 2017, more people than ever preferred to use speaking over typing, and the numbers show that trend will continue throughout 2018. It’s faster, and you can also make the questions you ask more detailed. Voice recognition software has advanced, too. More people trust it to understand what it is that they’re asking, and Google’s algorithm will be ready to act accordingly. To do so, it will focus on phrases and terms that people frequently say out loud, so that is where SEO specialists should concentrate. People don’t speak the same way as they type. Your strategy should be using sentences and conversational terms.


Mobile Sites Will Become Even More Important

Practically everyone has a cell phone, and more web browsing than ever is happening on mobile devices. Google has taken notice. When more people began to use their smartphones to browse than those who still used their traditional desktops, Google made it a priority for sites to have high-functioning mobile versions. With mobile friendliness a high-ranking factor, every business is going to have to buckle down and focus on their mobile website, putting it ahead of their traditional site.


Searches Will Become More Personalized For Each User

A final way that optimization will change is that search engines like Google will be gathering information about the user based on their browsing history, interests, and location. This makes it more likely that the engine can find what the person was seeking. From an SEO perspective, this means that people finding your site will be even more critical because that site will stay in the person’s history longer. You can’t do anything to land at the top of a web surfer’s personalized search engine result page, but by testing your page’s rankings for unbiased results, you can know whether you’re on the right path with customers you’re trying to attract.


There’s a lot to think about in the field of SEO moving forward. As always, you’ll need to be vigilant and stay on top of the technology. But if you keep at it, you’ll continue to get the page rankings you desire, regardless of what tech is on the horizon.    

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