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Why Chatbots Are a Must-Have for Businesses

Why Chatbots Are a Must-Have for Businesses

Why Chatbots Are a Must-Have for Businesses


During the past few years, digital marketing was all about infographics and apps, but today the new thing that is in the spotlight is the chatbot. Lately, chatbots are so popular. Don’t you think it is something revolutionary?

What is a chatbot?

Although chatbots have existed for years, marketers of this Los Angeles SEO company have lately begun to better understand the opportunities that a chatbot can provide. Today, you can find a chatbot almost everywhere in smartphones, and messaging apps that can either be used for business or a website. If you have a well-optimized chatbot, it can be a great addition to your business value, which boosts the conversion rates. 

Most companies that design chatbots do so to make workflow efficient and minimize operational costs. Although their level of complexity and goals may differ, one thing remains the same – chatbots play the role of the new user interface. 

As the digital world is expanding, the general expectations of the target market changes a lot. Keeping in view their expectations; companies are developing apps today more than ever before. Statistics show that more than 90% of apps are used once and then deleted – which is alarming for both marketers and businesses. 

Benefits of using a chatbot

The following are some of the significant benefits of a chatbot. 

Chatbots have great future potential

Although chatbots are widely used among businesses today, this technology is new. Plus, the potential for the bot in personal lives and businesses is increasing with the continuous development of AI. 

They can be easy to build

Of course, the complexity of a chatbot increases according to your business needs. Still, if you want to design a bot similar to Facebook Messenger, then you really don’t need any programming experience. 

Chatbots reveal the brand and image of your business 

A chatbot is a perfect embodiment of a brand from a marketing perspective. It reveals your company while it communicates with the customers. It is basically an immediate point of contact for any customer.

They offer straightforward solutions

A chatbot is easy to use, and it provides straight forward services. If you have a well-optimized chat, it will provide the user with only essentials. A great chatbot does not overwhelm the user and removes superfluous contact for your customer service department. 

Chatbots automate processes

One of the significant characters a chatbot has is that it does all the mundane tasks a human does, which includes all the basic analytic and repetitive communications. 

Common Types of Chatbots according to Los Angeles SEO company

There are two types of bots based on their complexity. 

Scripted – Conversation with a scripted bot usually takes place in pre-defined directions and ways. This is the simplest form of chatbot where you will get a pre-programmed response to any query you ask. These chatbots appear in simple apps like Skype or messenger. The main goal of automation is simple, like making a purchase or booking a flight. 

Intelligent – The main goal of this chatbot is to provide the most flexible answer to the questions that a user has. Bots like Cleverbot can use their learned experiences to accurately answer questions that users may have in the future. Although a chatbot can answer most of the relevant questions a customer might have, it generally can not understand the most complex questions that often lead to conversions. 

How to Create a Great Chatbot User Experience

Most every small and large businesses use chatbots today, and it is very easy to create a simple chatbot. A simple chatbot often comes with poor features, and in most cases, they lack proper research, testing, execution, and UX design.  Altogether, this could very well spoil the chatbot. This might not damage your business. However, it will create a negative brand image. 

To avoid that, chatbots must have the following features 

Your chatbot should have a persona

Make the chatbot understand customer personas, their likes, dislikes, preferences, and brand voice. Create a personality that resonates with your business but in a fun and engaging way. 

It must use a waiting time 

The inclusion of a human factor by altering the response time is essential. Waiting time ensures that the end-user has enough time to consume the information which a chatbot has provided.

Make sure you perform A/B test

Los Angeles SEO company reveals that A/B testing is essential for the launch of the successful chatbot. If you are not satisfied with the specific features of the chatbot, alter them, and create multiple versions and compare the results. Dig deeper into the most viable parts of the bot and see what works the best. 

Avoid a wall of text, it can be overwhelming 

It’s a no brainer! Avoid writing long replies, because seeing a lot of text can be annoying. Test your chatbot on several devices to ensure it has the best results. Sometimes a response that looks fine on a PC can look far larger and more overwhelming on a mobile device.

Businesses need to understand that the difficulty of chatbots is not it’s implementation, but the design itself. The first step is to figure out the purpose of every single feature the chat has, and then you have to plan out the conversation in detail. Have some patience and implement little essential tools to design a great chatbot for your business.