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Why Focus On Blogging?

Why Focus On Blogging?

Why Focus On Blogging?

There can’t be any denying that blogs are beneficial for SEO, Los Angeles. They attract attention to your website and brand, especially if they are well-written and about topics that interest your customer base. If you want your blog to be optimized, there are a few rules you need to follow, so pay attention and take notes. Remember that marketers who focus on blogging are much more likely to get a positive ROI than those who don’t.

If You Are A Los Angeles-Based Business Focus On Your SEO Blog

Write Longer Content That Is Topically Relevant

If you hire an internet marketing agency and tell them they should focus on your blog, then one of the things they’ll probably do is write longer and more in-depth articles. You might have heard that short, concise blogs are the way to go. While it’s true that people respond well to a quick read, it’s longer blogs, in the 1,800 to 2,000-word range, which seem to get the most attention these days. We must add the caveat, though, that this only applies if what your agency is writing about is right on the pulse of what interests your niche. You can use different techniques to figure out what’s hot among your customers; you can research keywords, you can conduct surveys on your site, or you can ask via your social media accounts what they most want to know. Then, either hire a guest blogger who is an expert on the topic in question, or get your internet marketing agency to write a blog that is as irresistible as it is provocative.   


Internal Linking

Another thing that it pays to do for Los Angeles businesses is to include impactful internal links in the body of your blog. Though Google never reveals the details of its algorithm, there is much anecdotal evidence to suggest that backlinks propel your site up the rankings, and that applies to your blogs as much as it does elsewhere on your site. External links are essential, but internal ones should not be neglected.


Visually-Appealing Blogs

The last thing on which we wanted to touch was that your internet marketing agency should make your blogs as visually appealing as possible. Include images to illustrate your point, and tag them appropriately. It’s basic, it’s easy, and it also makes your content rank better. Analytical tools reveal that blog posts containing at least one image get more views, no matter how good the content is perceived to be.


If you do all this, Los Angeles, or if the agency you hired does it for you, then your blogs should draw some new eyes to your website. It’s more than likely some of those visitors will stick around and become customers if they like the look of your brand.