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Why LinkedIn Needs To Be A Part Of Your Social Media Advertising?

Why LinkedIn Needs To Be A Part Of Your Social Media Advertising?

Why LinkedIn Needs To Be A Part Of Your Social Media Advertising?


For some businesses in Los Angeles, LinkedIn doesn’t scream “advertising potential.” That’s because it’s not the social media platform where people spend their time watching funny cat videos and keeping up with the latest memes.


However, don’t be so quick to dismiss LinkedIn. It might not have the engagement numbers of Facebook or some other platforms, but here are some stats that might interest you as you prepare your next social media ad campaign.


LinkedIn Stats You Need to Know


LinkedIn now boasts more than 400 million users, and there are more than 39 million recent graduates or students on LinkedIn. This is an indication that many people are using it for professional networking, which was one of its original stated goals. Slightly more than two-fifths of millionaires report having a LinkedIn profile.


What does this tell us, Los Angeles? From an advertising standpoint, it means that people who are interested in the frivolous are less likely to use LinkedIn. It seems evident that many users are there to find jobs, and also to fill positions that have recently opened within their companies.


Targeting the Big Fish on LinkedIn


However, advertising on Linkedin is still perfectly viable for companies that have a B2B business model and the right products. If you have a service or product that could be useful or desirable for a company, then you can land a significant sale by using LinkedIn if you can craft an ad that will appeal to the decision makers who are spending their time there.


In other words, while you might not be able to make as many small sales, as you might via Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media platforms, you might be able to land some monster accounts that can prove to be much more lucrative for you.


Therefore, LinkedIn advertising must be undertaken carefully if you want it to be profitable. You’ll need to understand the language and visuals that will appeal to these high-profile individuals who are spending their time there. By doing so, you might be able to land the big contracts that will justify the expense of the campaign.


If you can find some repeat buyers on LinkedIn, it could potentially mean tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.