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Your Social Media Agency In Los Angeles Can Use These Free Resources

Your Social Media Agency In Los Angeles Can Use These Free Resources

Your Social Media Agency In Los Angeles Can Use These Free Resources


If you have hired a Los Angeles social media agency to help with your business accounts, then you already know how critical it is to engage with your audience. But there are plenty of companies that are spinning their wheels with their social media platforms, and you don’t want to fall into that category. If you want to learn about social media marketing, then you should check out these resources. They’re all free, which is fantastic if you are thirsty for knowledge in this area.


Social Media Explorer


Social Media Explorer runs a blog that has commentary and notions posted on it from all sorts of experts in advertising and marketing. It is one of the more insightful blogs in the industry, and many of the authors that have been featured there have gone on to write books on social and digital marketing.


A Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page


This handy guide is a must if your Los Angeles social media agency is using LinkedIn as a way of promoting your business. If you are looking to upgrade your page, or you haven’t created one yet, then this guide is for you. It can tell you everything from how to craft a winning banner image to how to write a compelling company description.


How to Attract Customers with Facebook


There is no shortage of guides that can tell you how to get started setting up a business Facebook profile or how to optimize the one you have. This one is our top pick, though. It’s an ebook that shows you everything that your Facebook profile can’t do without if it’s going to be competitive and get a high level of engagement.


Free Social Media Certification


The last source worth mentioning is the free social media certification offered by HubSpot Academy. It’s a curriculum that teaches you many of the fundamentals that you or your social media agency will need to get the most out of your profiles.


Regardless of whether it’s your social media agency that’s using these resources or if you are doing so yourself, it’s nice that they’re out there and completely free of charge. Even if you are trusting your social media feeds to an outside agency, the more you learn about how to run social media campaigns and manage accounts, the better. You can then know what your agency is talking about when they throw some technical jargon at you, and you can make suggestions as to how your campaigns are being run.