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If You’re Looking At SEO, Consider These WordPress Plugins

If You’re Looking At SEO, Consider These WordPress Plugins

If You’re Looking At SEO, Consider These WordPress Plugins

If you’re coming up with a strategy for SEO Los Angeles, then you should look at what platform you used to design your website. WordPress is a prevalent one, and for good reason. It has easy integration with your blogs, and there are all sorts of ways to customize it. In this article, we’ll discuss some plugins that you should have for WordPress that will help you with SEO.

Let’s Discuss WordPress Plugins For SEO Los Angeles

The first one worth mentioning is probably the most well known: the All-In-One SEO Pack. There are more features in this package than we have time to go over, but some of the things it allows you to do are to set up a canonical URL structure that is attractive to search engines, create different title tags for your interior and home pages, and create unique meta descriptions, title tags, and meta keywords for all your pages and posts. Needless to say, these are all things that make you perform very well in crawlability, leading to higher search engine rankings.


Another useful plugin is the Broken Link Checker. Broken links are the worst for SEO, as they lead to crawlers discarding your site. The checker will look at your pages, posts, comments, etc, and check for broken links. When it find any, it tells you, and you can fix them. Checking for broken links manually is a tedious process, which is why you’ve got to have this plugin. It can be a real SEO lifesaver.


The last one worth mentioning is the Google XML Sitemap. This allows you to construct your sitemap much more easily. Every time you add a new page, post, category, or tag, the plugin undergoes a rebuilding process incorporating the new element. That makes crawling go so much more smoothly, and it lets you quickly locate any aspect of the site that should happen to need attention. Plus, each time there is restructuring or rebuilding, the plugin will ping Google and other search engines. Your site will be indexed continuously in this way.


WordPress continues to be the go-to platform for site creation, and tools like these are a big part of the reason why. Having a cutting-edge website with fresh content and a look that matches your niche is achievable with WordPress, and keeping these plugins updated will be helpful too.