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4 Easy Ways Pinterest Will Boost SEO

4 Easy Ways Pinterest Will Boost SEO

4 Easy Ways Pinterest Will Boost SEO


We know you’ve been struggling to get rid of the humps, and you’ve been looking for the core of SEO for your company in Los Angeles. You want to do more, but you might think it will take too much time.

What if I tell you that you can optimize your Pinterest account without even trying? There are no salesmen tricks, do it the right way. Unremitting efforts into Pinterest may yield more than one return, and we are talking about some good Los Angeles SEO trick for you company improvements! Continue reading for the tips.

More opportunities to appear in SERPS

The goal of any business according to the SEO company in Los Angeles is to get a highlight in the SERP, or what you call a search engine ranking page. Careful selection of “Pinterest” pages can help bring your page to the forefront of the brand search.

If photos, recipes, and other stationery items are the key drivers of your business, then you want to have a Pinterest profile on the first page. Pinterest has no doubt, a huge traffic driver for organic and natural food companies.

Get more links, (remember they are “no-follow”)

Backlinks are still the number one way to improve your ranking in Google. Each Pin is a different link to your website. Now, before unpinning everything, remember that all links on Pinterest are “nofollow,” so they don’t pass “SEO Juice” to your site.

“Nofollow” links are a topic of SEO debate, that is, whether they pass the link juice. To be sure, if your Pinterest section is crumbling, it will be easier for people to click through to your website.

Pinterest is a search engine

Whenever you hear the word “search engine,” you automatically think of Google and Bing. These are obvious, but there are millions of searches on YouTube and Pinterest every month.

It seems almost impossible to rank any of your keywords in Google, but it may be more realistic to rank some of your content on top of Pinterest. Just like entering the Google homepage, this does not happen overnight, so be prepared to get your Pinterest game to the level of the website.

Social signals and fresh content

Bing already uses social signals in its rankings, and there is much speculation about whether and when Google will start doing so. You can also take a step ahead of the competition by enhancing Pinterest games.

Latest news: Bing now adds Pins to Image Search. For many small businesses, this is a huge opportunity to rank on the homepage with large pins! You killed two birds only by one stone because it’s not a secret that Google and other search engines want to see fresh content in SERPs.

The high-quality, highly shared/fixed content and related content you have will make Google want to crawl your site further.

So with Pinterest, there are four simple ways to promote your SEO efforts. Which method is best for you? Be our friend and share your thoughts about this article in the comments section.