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5 SEO Marketing Growth Hack Ideas

5 SEO Marketing Growth Hack Ideas

5 SEO Marketing Growth Hack Ideas


There are tons of growth hacking strategies introduced every year, but the only thing that always remains at the top is SEO. The SEO growth hacking in Los Angeles is a digital marketing campaign that helps businesses improve the ranking of search engines, especially Google.

When the organic traffic of a website stops growing, often, the website owners opt for SEO growth hacks. This process may involve multiple SEO growth hacks. There are a lot of general SEO growth hacking tricks out there, such as increasing the loading speed of websites, trying to make UX better on mobile devices, re-optimizing meta tags or content, analyzing server logs, etc.

However, the current digital world has changed a lot in a short period. You have to adapt to the trends and opportunities each year to make the most of your SEO marketing efforts.

Here are five expert SEO growth hacks in Los Angeles to improve the ranking this 2020.

Backlinks from .edu website 

EDU links are often considered trustworthy and high-quality links. Since they have been around for a while, they usually have high domain authority. Plus, they have a lot of other trusted websites linked to them. 

A great way to have backlinks from an EDU website is to provide internships or scholarships or grants to college students. It will help you get high authority backlinks more naturally. Students will benefit from it, plus it is also a good strategy for your website, as universities are generally open to the idea of ​​getting more scholarships. Next, create a landing page on your website to provide backlinks to the scholarship admission page to make your links look more natural.

Quora or Reddit 

Google still recognizes and considers backlinks to websites like Quora or Reddit, which were very trending during the last decade. If you learn how to use them efficiently, they can give you a quick and easy boost to your SEO ranking. However, most of the backlinks of such sites today are nofollow, which means that technically they do not count towards your SEO marketing. 

But you can’t say that nofollow backlinks are entirely useless. For example, Quora may not be as big as some social media, and it is still a massive website with more than 300 million monthly visitors. Even if there is no direct do-follow link from Quora to your website, having a no-follow link will still have many benefits for your website in the following ways. 

  • It can increase the visibility of your website (If there are sufficient views on your Quora answer)
  • It brings higher-quality traffic to your site (because people on Quora find answers there, not just search for something random)
  • In the eyes of Google, it can improve the credibility of your website (you must have an excellent dofollow-nofollow link ratio, or Google may suspect that you will manipulate SEO practices and even punish you)
  • It can also create new do-follow links for you (f your site content is interesting enough, users of sites like Quora can easily share the link with others outside the website)

Just like the way Quora gives you an SEO boost, Reddit does the same with its over 33 billion monthly active users. You will find a range of topics covering politics, lifestyle, travel, business, news, and news. It is a highly engaged community that can drive organic traffic to your website. 

Local citations

One of the expert SEO growth strategies is to add your business info to the local citations in Los Angeles. Any online platform with your name, address, and phone number (referred to as NAP) is known as a local citation. When it comes to digital marketing, local citations can be essential for your local SEO ranking.

Many websites display local citations, such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Facebook, FourSquare, Apple Maps, etc. Some of these local citation sites may only work with specific niche markets or particular countries.

Local citations are essential for SEO marketing as they drive a lot of traffic and improve your ranking by getting more backlinks from trusted websites, getting more reviews, etc.

The creation or update of local citations can be done manually, which is more secure but will waste time. You can also do it through a service like Brightlocal, which allows you to automate the entire process without having to worry about the information in these local citations correct.

Press release

The press release is not something that most of the companies can generate too frequently every single month. However, if you are creating press releases for SEO purposes, they do not necessarily have to be also informational. Therefore, it is good to generate SEO press-releases without spending so much time and effort that can help you build some significant backlinks. 

Glossary – vocabulary information website section

One thing you probably know is that there are two main types of keywords: informational and transactional. 

Informational keywords are about some general problem, most likely in Google’s SERPs; you will see this informational result: blog pages, glossary, or other content. Transactional keywords lead to the decision to buy an item. Often, pages with e-commerce catalogs, product pages, or service pages rank much better on these keywords with strict buying intent.

Before starting any SEO optimization process to improve your website ranking, it is recommended to conduct keyword research on your website. Divide keywords into two groups, and look at the types of landing pages you need to add based on some keywords that have no related pages.

Don’t just rely on a product or service page to contribute to a critical work such as “How to …” plan a blog contribution. Add an industry glossary to crucial work such as “What is …” These sections will bring you Huge traffic growth.

As you can see, many different strategies and approaches are described here. Some of them are complicated, and some are relatively easy to implement. Still, the primary purpose of all these expert hacks is to promote your SEO marketing growth in Los Angeles.